“I have become lucky for my models.”- Bbhupi, Bollywood Photographer.

“Life as a freelance photographer in Bollywood was always tough. Somehow my struggle was tougher. But once Mohan Deepji came into picture, helped me with his advice my fortunes changed. 

“I have many more assignments and more and more models and actors approach me now. My luck rubs on the people who get portfolios shot from me. They are getting better break. The first instance was amazing. It happened within a month after I took consultation. I shot the portfolio of this struggling girl. The girl is sexy, beautiful and talented but there are so many of them trying to get into the industry. I thought she will struggle for a long time. But she got a lucky break with me. A movie producer accidentally saw her pictures on my laptop and signed her. Today, she has got good roles in half a dozen films.

“Good things are happening to me, and good things are happening to my models. I have become lucky for my models.”  

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