The Return of the Midas Touch

We all have read the Story of King Midas, a classic Hellenic myth on the tragedy that is inevitable when we equate happiness with gold, with material success, with money...

I will recount it in brief (for those who came in late / have forgotten it / not read it). Midas the king of Phygia had everything he could want. A huge castle surrounded by all kinds of luxuries and a wonderful daughter Zoe (Life).

But Midas thought that his huge pile of gold made him happiest of all. Once Dionysus, the god of celebration said to King Midas, "You have done a great service by taking care of my friend for me that I want to grant you any wish your heart desires."
In an instant Midas replied, "I wish that everything that I touch would turn to gold!". "Very well," sighed Dionysus and reluctantly granted him his wish. The next morning before he got out of bed he reached over and touched his bedside table and instantly it turned to gold, just as Dionysus had promised. Midas had the golden touch!

"It works, it works!!!" he shouted as he sprang out of bed. He touched the chair, the table, the rug, the door, the fireplace, his bathtub, a picture, and went running like a madman on and on through his palace, touching one thing after another until he was out of breath and hungry, but still elated. Midas felt all bubbly as he entered his dining hall. He popped a grape into his mouth but nearly broke his teeth. He tried to eat a piece of bread, but his teeth clanked on gold. Perhaps wine will be an exception but even the liquid too turned gold. He was scared. What will happen to him now?

His cat jumped up into his lap and as he petted it she became a metal statue. Shocked he yelled. His daughter Zoe, ran over to comfort him with a hug and turned into a gold statue.

With raised arms he pleaded, "Oh Dionysus, gold is not what I really want after all! Please help me, save me from this golden curse. I want life, not gold." Kind Dionysus undid the 'boon'.

Yet, most of the time people who seek Feng Shui consultation want material success, the Midas touch. Fortunately, Feng Shui is not limited to wealth. As per this concept total happiness includes nine sectors: Wealth & Good Fortune, Fame & Recognition, Marriage & Relationship, Family & Elders, Health, Children & Creativity, Knowledge, Career & Opportunities and Helpful Friends & Patronage. God has not bestowed all nine sectors to anyone. Feng Shui is an attempt to get more in each corner. Feng Shui experiences vary but I notice that, sooner or later, everyone benefits. I have two identical case studies: one is a filmmaker and the other an entrepreneur. Both got their Midas touch back.

Midas touch returned for the filmmaker

In case of the filmmaker, it took close to three years to get the Midas touch back but as always happens, it began during the first lunar month after doing Feng Shui changes. He has had two super hits during the last two years and hopefully; with the third hit he will do the hat trick of hits. This is in stark contrast with the depressed atmosphere in his office when I first went there.

And in case of the entrepreneur it took two years for him to develop what his friends call a Midas touch, without realizing the implications.

I will call this young entrepreneur Marc. He had an uncanny knack for spotting penny stocks that would rise within weeks for him to make a pile even when he was in High School. His touch was so amazing that, investing the money he had made from stocks, he acquired an apartment in Pune’s Koregaon Park with his own money. When he was in college he got a friend to run a shop, he started, lending videocassettes and books. By the time he was 22-yrs he had successfully entered another business: cars on rental. He started with one used Maruti Van and in less than a year had six cars in his stable.


Everything he touched turned to gold


Marc was really going places till he moved his business in new, bigger premises. A year back, he sought Feng Shui help when he found the going was tough. "I shifted as I needed more space for travel business and for myself. I got 150 percent more than the price I had paid for the older shop and added nearly Rs 75 lakh to get the new shop. Things started going wrong from day one. The title of the new shop was in dispute. Though I got the possession I got dragged in a court case that continues till today. My friend who was running the shop for me as working partner quit over a misunderstanding between us. I am finding it difficult to get people to work for me. People come, join for some time and by the time they learn the ropes they get some other job and leave. The call centers, shopping malls and job opportunities in IT sector have created a major problem." Gurpreet revealed.

The video library closed down as CDs and DVDs entered the market. Without the manpower he didn’t have the heart to invest money at a time when the business was down.

His smile was wan when he said, "The market is booming. This is so different from the days when, even when the market was down I would make gains. I have problems with the travel business too. I am short of drivers and or when someone asks for Sumo it would be in garage and the Esteem wouldn’t do. I get the vehicles from someone else in the business to satisfy my regular clients and end up with only a small percentage of the bill. If I had any Midas touch I have lost it. If things continue this way I will end up with big debts."

I could sense the negative energy caused by a string of failures. All these things happened after he purchased the new shop and he had already realized it. Someone had already told him that the shop was unfortunate for him. "But I cannot sell it. There is a dispute about the title. I will be happy if Feng Shui could change my business luck. I want that Midas touch back."
There were several Feng Shui flaws, most in the Helpful Friends & Patronage sector, and the Wealth corner was incomplete. There also was some problem in the Career & Opportunities sector. He incorporated all the remedies and changes that I suggested.

I hate property disputes since they linger for decades but in this rare case, within weeks of Feng Shui changes Marc could sort out the problems with the seller. The business also improved to some extent and his mood was elevated. Marc could easily sell the shop now but, by now, customers were used to his new location and he asked, "Can this shop be improved further?". I had anticipated this and told him, "Yes. You will have to buy the smaller shop next to you. The Wealth corner of your shop is in that shop!" Fortunately, the lady who owned this shop was eager to sell.

How annexing the neighbor’s shop helped him – and why didn’t this additional wealth corner in her shop help her – is a little too complex for this article. But Feng Shui Masters anywhere in the world would understand the reasoning. Months later, operating from the larger shop Marc told me, "Thanks to Feng Shui, my business is flourishing. I have grown and I continue to grow." Now, when the market touched a new high, Gurpreet had a wide grin on his face. His total investment in the market has touched 10 crore!

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