"Like a dream run for me." - Neville Hoshang Modi, Enterpreneur, Mumbai

"In a few months, my work started building up and my savings were now moving upwards at an unbelievable pace! Now I was earning each month a figure which, just three years ago was my per annum gross! I can firmly say that this is because of Feng Shui, coupled with hard work, which has borne results. It's almost like my finances were playing ‘Catching-up' with my earnings of the past 20 years.

"Now, I have another agency, (Minteq - USA), which produces solid calcium wires. The company was trying to enter the Indian business since two years. I gave them results within six months of my appointment. Today that business has grown from 1 FCL per month to 5 a month.... and is still growing. The handicraft export business (wooden boxes, games, puzzles) is growing from strength to strength, and I am now beginning to check on the possibility of importing gift items for the local markets.

"This has been a dream run for me and all the businesses that I have tried have turned to gold. I think this is still the ‘tasting' stage and the best is yet to come..."

Neville Hoshang Modi, Mumbai

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