About Mohan Deep

Mohan Deep with Ajay Devgan

A Cult Figure

Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep has popularized Feng Shui among the Indians in India as well as spread all over the world. Mohan Deep is the face of Feng Shui in India.

His immense following among the Asian communities has turned him into a cult figure and the success stories of his clients in India and abroad have grown into legends.

Possessed by a divine spirit, Mohan Deep has a charisma that has turned him into a glamorous and magnetic figure in the world of Feng Shui. Though he shuns crowds, avoids socializing and seems mysteriously reclusive, Mohan Deep radiates a magnetic aura. You want to belong to him, you want to be near him, and you want to understand this mystical persona. You want him to hold your finger, guide you.


Mohan Deep is on Twitter and Facebook. 

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