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Adam Ross called on the Monday morning. “I have good news. I signed the sale deed last week. My troubles are over.”

“Dear Mohanbhai, I must admit that your Feng Shui suggestions have really improved our business and our standing in the market. I can unhesitatingly say that you are the best!” This was just the beginning of this letter, which went on to extol Feng Shui. The writer of the letter was the Managing Director of a pharmaceutical company.

I must confess that I had never met a real-life cowboy before and that my only acquaintance with this tribe was through books and a few westerns that I had seen years back. This is why, when a cowboy arrived at my office, it became an event. It was as if he had walked out of one of those films.

Like the proverbial sun and rain, Feng Shui benefits everyone – rich and poor – alike. But then, like everything else in the world, life is never fair. For an industrialist client of mine, the benefits have amounted to several hundreds of millions. And for a small catering service, Feng Shui has brought just enough business to survive successfully and to dream of a flourishing restaurant. I will disclose the name of the business house three months later when the entire deal is `signed, sealed and delivered`.

In his SMS Shekhar Suman, India's number one stand up comedian and anchor, has described me as `the father of Feng Shui` and though it is factually incorrect – how can any living being be the father of a science that has evolved over thousands of years? – I’m honored. But the real compliment has come to me from the family of a Hong Kong based Indian woman married to a person of oriental origin.

The owner of a restaurant and bar consulted me two months ago. The restaurant had a class about it and the cuisine was great. The ambiance was great and the bar tender threw up some fine cocktails. Yet, it was not as successful as it should have been. Not many knew about it. What was the main cause of the failure of this restaurant? Beams. Huge beams.

Beams ran across the ceiling, over his cash counter, bar and several tables.

The computer was covered with a red cloth. And a beautiful bonsai plant was placed on the desk. Bonsai is a big no-no. It stunts career growth specially if it is placed in Career corner! Worse, the monitor was placed in such a way that one would sit facing north. North was the total loss direction for both.

I told them, "This sector is ruled by Water and a piece of red cloth represents fire. Both the element, the Fire and the Water, clash and this causes problems."

When one sailor benefits from Feng Shui, dozen of others call me. And when Feng Shui consultation turns out to be useful to a dentist, others seek Feng Shui. Reading an article I wrote three years ago, about the role Feng Shui played in the life of a family that owned a theatre, Rustom Kapadia (name changed on request), another man from show business, approached me about two years back.

In Vastu Shastra it is believed that the Vaastu Purusha , the lord of Vastu Chakra , sleeps in Vaastu Chakra sleeps on the left side and rotates clockwise. Digging in the sector where his head lies is not permissible. Feng Shui originated in China. Vastu Shastra is an Indian phenomenon. Yet, India has welcomed Feng Shui and today more Indians are opting for Feng Shui.

You do not want to reveal that there was a time when you were in money trouble, when you were desperately looking for a match for your daughter or son, when your business was down, when you were in debts, when your son was jobless, when your daughter was desperate for getting a job…..is where subtle Feng Shui comes into picture.

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