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Every time you move into a new house (or shop or office), your life and luck are going to change. This also happens every time you change the interior decoration of the premises you’re in for a change. Whether the change is positive or negative depends on how right your Feng Shui is.

I had planned to have a show of my Feng Shui paintings in October-Nov but, even before that, they have started selling. More important, Feng Shui paintings are more effective than mass produced Feng Shui products.

Among the people who have benefitted from blending Feng Shui with décor is a Hindu businessman. He consulted me first for the regular Feng Shui and seeing the positive effects in his life was very enthusiastic when he acquired a showroom. His business was electronic goods and thanks to earlier changes he had been able to buy the 2500 sq feet showroom.

Debts and recovery agents have been making news, bad news. Suicides due to their harassment remind one of the Pathan and Marwari money lenders of yore.

Since quite some time, whenever I receive an e-mail that expresses gratitude for my Feng Shui advice, I move it to a folder I have labeled TGFSM*. And I have noticed that Feng Shui works magically for people with a positive attitude. Here is a note I received last year, from Valerie who lives in London, a month after Feng Shui consultation and implementing changes.

Pammi Chopra faced the camera and talked about how Feng Shui helped her. Said this charming Punjabi woman on TV, “We were really in a lot of problems.

Holidays may be the right time for renovation. But before starting any renovation that involves banging and breaking down walls, it is necessary to take note of what the Flying Star School of Feng Shui describes as the Grand Duke Jupiter. He must not be annoyed with loud noises of the hammers and drilling machines. Upsetting the Grand Duke brings bad luck.

The Phoenix like rising from ashes of Amitabh Bachchan (Indian superstar) began with Kaun Banega Crorepati. The title started with K, the first letter of Hindi alphabet, and took full advantage of 8. Remember the announcement in the bass voice of Bachchan: call 635 88 88. The area codes would differ but the last four digits were constantly same – 88 88 – whether you dialed from Bangalore or Mumbai.

Among the Feng Shui suggestions I offered last week to one of the Tata (a top industrialist family in India) companies was to place a Laughing Buddha on the side table near the idol of Lord Ganesha. An interesting similarity that immediately struck me was that both of them are the gods for prosperity, for wealth and for shubh labh (gains). This has inspired me to paint what I am going to name Double Blessings.

Laughing Buddha and Lord Ganesha

Most of my clients know that I ask for a first person account whenever they are ready with good news. Most of them write brief accounts or give me their experiences over the phone, letting me fill in the gaps.
But Barry from Fremont, San Francisco, has virtually done the entire article for me. All I need to do is to quote him. But that is because he is an amateur who dreams of writing a bestseller.
I reproduce his e-mail:

Hi Mr Mohan Deep,

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