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Hotels. Hospitals. Factories. Shops. Offices. Godowns.
I have done all and didn’t think that there were many surprises left till a theatre-owner approached me a year ago.
Located at a distance of nearly 100 KMs from Mumbai, this theatre had remained with the family for generations. It was a matter of pride for Raj (name changed on request) to talk about his family tree that included links with Kapoors, Bachchans and Mukherjees.

What happens at the entrance of City Girl, a shop located in Lokhandwala Complex in Mumbai’s western suburbs, Andheri, selling ready made garments is the stuff of Robert Ripley’s `Believe It or Not`.

The family dispute in this wealthy family had lingered for 12 years!
And interestingly, the entire clan lived in the same 4 storey house large enough for a mid-size hotel.
The brothers wouldn’t even acknowledge one another in the same lift and quarrel like mad dogs in the board room. The dispute was over the sale of a very large property the details about which I cannot disclose.
At different stages they invited various outsiders to mediate; and the outsiders included a politician, a retired High Court Judge and even a god man.

Steven Mirc from Dallas was in a major jam because he was spreading himself thin. Although married, he was the proverbial sailor with a girlfriend at every port. And to take the analogy further, he even blew up money like a drunken sailor. He was deep in debts and didn’t have a way out.

My experience is that it usually takes 3-9 months – sometimes a year - for the Feng Shui effect to become crystal clear. However, there are happy instances when things have changed dramatically, miraculously within 48 hours too.Some consider this to be the first question and the others ask it delicately, at the end of the consultation. And for some others, it is an unsaid question they hope I will reply.
How long will it take for Feng Shui to show the effect?
How long will it take?
How long?

This is a very interesting story of how a decision influenced by one of my clients, Adelaide, in UK, benefited Barbara another client of mine, also operating in the same county!

Irving Goodman, an American based in New Jersey, is one of my more fortunate clients as his life has been transformed within months of consulting me. Though this column appears in what is described as the UK edition of Hindustan Times on the net (Hindustantimes.com) and even the editorial content is addressed to Indians based in the UK, it has its share of surfers based in the USA, Japan (from where too some Indians, victims of the increased recession, have consulted me), Nigeria, France, Australia and some other countries where Indians are in large numbers.

“You visited my cyber café when I had almost decided to shut the shop, and now I am renovating the café to add 4 more seats. I have added two more connections to make it four.” - Peter.

Four cyber cafes, spread across the countries including USA, Japan, South Africa and India have a hoarding:
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He ejected his rival, re-established his control on the business and subordinates and – after getting hold of some of the e-mails of his wife by employing a spy ware in her computer - had her crawling in front of him.

It is a situation one encounters in folk tales when you are suddenly confronted with a genie who asks you for three wishes!

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