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Somehow, off-site consultations have often produced interesting Feng Shui stories.
Mondays I often keep for the clients who visit me in my office for consultation over a floor plan. This, again, is with prior appointment. The answer to a simple question like why they prefer off-site consultation brings varied answers.

The success stories of my clients are so remarkable that I hope to write a book mentioning all these case studies.
This one is about an attractive fashion designer lady, located near Andheri' s Lokhandwala Complex, who consulted me for her husband' s job. He had a highly paid job in India which he quit because of the dirty politics in his office. Used to work abroad, in straightforward work culture, he couldn' t take the scheming colleagues who were `street smart` enough to smile and sit with him over a cup of coffee after secretly poisoning it!
He resigned.

“Business is great now. Even my career in modeling has picked up. What amazed me is that I have even got an above board offer to act in a film. It is all thanks to you, thanks to Feng Shui.” - Catherine.

Had Salman Khan (an Indian film star) made Feng Shui changes in his house this tragedy might not have happened, and I am sure of it. Just look at the house of the actor that must rate as the `most unpopular` today what with killing one person and injuring 4 by his rash driving under the influence of alcohol.
I have said it earlier and I repeat it again.

He was offered the Master' s post and he was also given a junior master, elevating his status on the vessel.
The seamen (either Masters on the ships or sailors) that have consulted me now exceed 10. Each case is different but there were two broad categories: Captains who lost their jobs or the deputies who wanted to rise and the seamen who wanted to return to have ground jobs or to begin a new business.

The havoc caused by an angry Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is like the tandava of Lord Shiva! Here, Saram Saat ( the three killings) too was angry. Here is a case study from my files, which (if it could be told officially) could be a cover story for any glossy magazine.
It’s about this glamorous woman who almost ran an entire TV channel till a few days back. Now she was in a mess and wanted me to help her. But most important, she didn’t want her name disclosed in my articles and was very concerned about that.

Indian movie star Shah Rukh Khan described his decade as 'stuff worth 20 years' when he talked about  his autobiography and true to his claim he is here, there and everywhere. You see him doing paanchvi pass and then you see him cheering for his team Kolkatta Knightriders in a different league after buying the team, doing ad films, getting into animation business in a big way, producing and of course acting. He has been able to do that because there is a lot of Yang in him.

I have seen enough beautiful girls and the Feng Shui of their homes at close quarters to understand their insecurities and disillusionments. Ironically, beauty and fame - if the girl has been crowned (or has even been a runner up in a contest) (or has been described as the most beautiful girl in India) (or has been complimented a little too often) - become the root cause of misery, depression, disillusionment, unhappiness and loneliness. It is more in a society that worship success and peers that circulate in pairs, married or not.

World Cup and cricket is the flavour of the season. Here is something about the cricketers few know. I have it on authority from former cricketer and commentator K. Srikkanth narrates an interesting anecdote from the 1983 World Cup.
India was down in the dumps in the league game against Zimbabwe during the 1983 World Cup. Suddenly Kapil Dev began stroking the ball and seemed very much in form. The manager of the team Man Singh saw this and shouted instructions. Loud and clear.
“Nobody would move from his seat", Man Singh said.

I have two instances from my recent experiences, and both are about magical moments.
On the one hand is the harmony of elements based on Feng Shui principles that attracts chi (Chinese for positive energy) and on the other hand is the way Feng Shui corrections attract good fortune. Sometimes it is so fast that we can safely describe them as “Magic within Minutes’’ though this kind of line is usually a claim in some corny advertising film.
Take a tablet and you are cured.

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