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The rival was `discovered` siphoning out company funds by floating a front company getting the brokerage for the orders he had brought in. This `discovery` was made during internal audit.

Feng Shui for business is often used to increase the profits but not many employ it to wrest the power sector back, curb the office politics, inter-office rivalry and even to get back the wife' s loyalty. Employing Feng Shui for such a tall order is not easy and I am rather proud of this case.

Every other day, when I get to hear the real life success stories of my clients, I feel elated. I also feel humbled and thank God, praying him for a similar success for the others. This week too brought some instances that need to be told. The case study of Anil Bhaktani (real identity) is one such case.

This lady, who called me on my cell phone, was a Medical Practitioner in Mumbai. I thought she wanted consultation for her medical practice.
But she surprised me.
“I want you to focus on my creative side.” Dr Sudha said.
Creativity side, as far as a doctor is concerned, can be as varied as cosmetic surgery – for that matter, dental cosmetics too – or a maternity home too. And I have often given Feng Shui advice to doctors to improve their business.
But Dr Sudha was a painter too!
Being a painter myself, I warmed up to her.

This week was good. I wanted some sensational Feng Shui story with the elements of twists and turns, in stead of the routine success stories. It started when Shaw acquired an acrylic painting from me; the painting of `The Peak`. He came across my web site while browsing. He was to tell me later that, "I had completed the interior of my house and was looking for some mural or painting for my wall. I saw the painting of the Peak and somehow like the description as well as the look."

The most satisfying thing for a professional is success. I' m happier if I bring success to beautiful people. This week I have the real life success story of a teacher. She is Ms Satjot Ravi Duggal, a charming teacher in Hansraj Morarji Public School who is also involved in what can be described as the real, tough social work – vermiculture – and is popular as Lubna ki mummy. But this story also has Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen and more important, Yukta Mookhey.

The wonderful results of Feng Shui changes continue to astonish me!
Every time I see what is loosely described as the `results` I thank God, Laughing Buddha (Maitreya) and Tsai Shen Yeh and my own Heaven Luck. Last week, an actress who made her debut less than a year back in a film approached me. This film had bombed badly. With the fortunes of the film crashing at the box office, crashed the dreams of this girl too. Her career had stopped moving.

My advice to David Beckham: consult a good Feng Shui Master!

Fans all over the world are funny people. The more the stars whore it up, more the fans slobber over them. It is more so if you happen to be David Beckham. But amateur Feng Shui has never helped anyone. Beckham has more trouble lined up. David Beckham has had feng shui symbols sewn into his football boots - in a bid to improve his football performance and also to improve his relationships. This, on the face of it, was a stunt. There is big money in advertising and Beckham is the biggest of them all.

What has happened to this Bollywood actress is the stuff for the cover stories of Stardust, Cine Blitz and Savvy, or for that matter, Maxim a magazine Khushboo has sued for Rs 3 crore for publishing her doctored photograph.
The identity of the people who seek Feng Shui consultation from me is always confidential. However, with her consent, I am writing about how Feng Shui changed her life twice . I will call her Sanjana.

This talisman will be very useful to anyone whose goal is education and success through learning.
The concept is from Greece and my method of energizing is the same.
And it has shown results.

Most of the times when a woman approaches me for Feng Shui consultation – I’ll say an Indian (or lets say an Asian) woman – her concern is not about herself! Though there is a class of career-oriented women or girls wanting to get married or wanting to conceive for most it is always `my husband` or `my son`…
This was the way my first conversation with Sunita Parekha moved.
“Sir, I am Sunita Parekh.I need your Feng Shui advice desperately. I have many problems in life and I am sure Feng Shui can bring the desired changes in my life,” she said.

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