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I have often written about the popular symbol of Double Happiness for harmony and better relationship that attracts luck in the love life of a person and seen very good results especially when I have incorporated the symbol in my energized paintings. In the recent months I have located a new symbol, symbol to add passion to life, to rejuvenate a lifeless relationship.

There is too much of Yin energy and unless Rekha changes some of it to Yang, starts sleeping in her nien yen direction, appoints some males on her staff, replaces whites & pastels with reds and yellows Rekha is bound to remain a single woman.

The impact of moon energy in the love life of people has been mind boggling and this is why when someone who has employed moon energy and Feng Shui to boost the Marriage & Romance sector of his home (and life) doesn' t benefit my response is bewilderment. Feng Shui and moon energy has always worked. Last week I received two responses from three girls (two of them are room mates so the response was one, positive for both) who experienced the transformation in their love life.

"Mohanji, remember.I am Martha!" said the familiar voice I had not heard after Martha's second marriage.
"Of course.! What have you been up to?" I asked her.
"Oh.lots of things have been happening. I am planning to buy a shop. I have short listed 3 shops and want you to choose the right one."
"Sure. What do you plan to start?"
"I am starting a Boutique." She said. Her throaty laughter followed.
She had certainly come up in life.

"This letter is to thank you for transforming our home into a happy home full of laughter within weeks. " - Richard.

Ooooh Oooooh Oooooh Ooooh
I ain't lonely any more
I ain't lonely any more
I ain't lonely any more
I ain't lonely any more
(With apologies to the original poet Rob Thomas)
Here is the column which is virtually written for me by Richard (name changed to protect identity).
Richard is rich.

I have always found Americans to be more pragmatic in approach. This is perhaps why they adapted Hare Rama movement from India , Indian god-men including Osho and now the ancient Science of Feng Shui. I think of the Americans because of K Joseph. Joseph's is an incredible Feng Shui experience.
He wrote to me when he was down and out. His e-mail made pathetic reading. Excerpts from his e-mail:
"Dear Mohan Deep, I am in deep trouble and am sure only mohan-`deep` can save me!!!

The anonymity of the 'net brings me in touch with this section of people who usually hesitate before disclosing their sexual preferences. Like one has solicited Feng Shui help last week but has ended with the following statement:

To activate gay luck

This is typical case of two secretaries – Lara and Ayesha - working for one employer that reminded me of a Mumbai builder who used to have two secretaries; one who couldn’t type but was glamorous and the other, a mousy creature who was the backbone of his office.



Secretary you can rely on

Feng Shui impact is measurable as far as things material are concerned – and I have often seen the changes happening within weeks. But intangible changes, like in love life and marriage, are difficult to quantify. Life is not an ad film where 30 seconds cover the entire story of `rejection` of a dark skinned girl, beauty cream effect and marriage. But this week is the story of a girl who has got the magical benefit from the Moon Energy. I also have another instance of a married woman, based in Napean Sea Road, `benefiting` from the Moon Energy.

I have often written about the moon energy and its impact on our love life and marriage luck, and have briefly taught some enthusiasts in October last year. I again propose to teach the secret mystical method but before that, here is the story of Maithli.

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