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It isn' t everyday that an old client, residing thousands of miles away, remembers, writes and expresses her gratitude. Elisa has e-mailed me her thanks and has suggested that I include her story in my articles as a case study.
Here it is.

When I first conceived fengshuimiracle.com I had several choices as domain names. Fengshuimiracle.com was my first choice and I will tell you why. My own experiences with Feng Shui had been nothing short of a miracle, and everyone I had advised had benefitted from Feng Shui. In 1994 – when Feng Shui had yet to gain the popularity it enjoys today – I did my first professional consultation. Naomi, a lady was from Australia on her visit to India, was learning Reiki from Nimmi, my wife.

Maybe because I was a journalist once, or may be because I still write three Feng Shui columns, every week, for Hindustan Times' UK edition that when a staff member of the premier newspaper from Delhi benefited and wrote me her e-mail of thanks, I was more happy than with the usual success stories.
It was being able to do something for your own friends. Using my discretion, I am not going to mention her name. I will simply repeat her story in brief before moving on…

I do not know what is more fascinating to watch…the glow on the face of a wife whose love life is back on the rails or the shining eyes of an entrepreneur whose business has finally taken an upswing.
The first is intangible and the second can be measured (or counted) from the balance sheet and the extra activity in the shop or even a rise in the number of visitors on the website.
The first is an intimate story of a beautiful Mumbai housewife, Ruby, who is in her early forties. Like it happens with many marriages, her husband strayed.

The stories about how luck follows the idols or paintings of Laughing Buddha or Lord Ganesha are legends.
What I have done is to double the luck factor…


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“Mohanji, things started happening with Feng Shui. I now have another man in my life who loves me enough to marry me. He is also willing to accept and look after my child. We are getting married next week, on Friday. Please come and bless us!” 

When I wrote `Single and Successful`, eight months back I received calls from over 40 women though eventually only 11 of them consulted me professionally. I’m happy to say that 7 of them have benefited so far. I will write about them in a couple of week and title it `The Seven Brides Again!`. In the meanwhile here is further info about Roma’s (name has been changed) case study. Ideas like appearing on Smirti Irani’s Diiiiiiiil Se don’t appeal to her, though.

"I am not getting enough,” the wife confided in me in an e-mail. She was one of the several thousands of surfers who have visited fengshuimiracle to seek Feng Shui consultation. As usual, I asked her to send her house floor plan and some color photographs of the interior of her house, with the focus on the bedroom feng shui.

It is an enriching experience for me to be able to witness the high drama behind the four walls of bed rooms or board rooms and it is the stuff cover stories of Savvy and Business India are written; the stuff that will never reach the media unless my clients so desire. The increasing role of Feng Shui in the life of people doesn’t surprise me. After all who doesn’t want more from life the easy way, the Feng Shui way.
I have two instances of wives who were unhappy about their husbands’ drinking problems.

Alcoholic husband 

Among those who have consulted me is an IT professional now based in New Jersey. He had a well-paid job till Dec 2002 but had been unemployed for 4 months when he consulted me. He also was facing problems at home front as he suspected that his wife was involved with her immediate boss.

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