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My story in the Daily, a daily newspaper from Mumbai, had prevented the divorce of Randhir and Babita, and if Karisma and Sunjay follow my advice, this story may save their marriage!

My favourite quote is what Beatles songwriter John Lennon wrote years ago: Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.

Husbands often stray. So do wives.
Feng Shui remedies have often brought the smiles back on the grim faces of warring couples. This was the 14th year of their married life and could easily be termed as `second seven year itch` when her devoted husband changed into a stranger!

The yin in Rekha compliments and completes the yang in Amitabh.
Ironically, the less I’m writing about the film stars and celebrities the more of them consult me! And the reason is simple. They do not want the truth to be written about. The doors of (some) star bedrooms opened for me once my expertise became known to them, and I got a front seat to watch the happenings from close quarters.
There are things I have known intimately as a journalist and there are truths I have witnessed while practicing Feng Shui…

As soon as I entered their house the negative energy hit me. It was like a fist. Never before I had sensed so much sha (as negative energy is called in Chinese) in any house.

This is the story of a true blue English lady who has benefited from Feng Shui, and how!
Addie (name changed on special request) is an active politician very much involved with one of the City Councils in UK. She traces three generations of her family tree to the royal family of England.
She sought Feng Shui consultation six months ago and wrote to me (excerpts)
"By normal standards I have everything. But yet I find myself unsatisfied.

Similarities in Feng Shui impact may one day turn it into exact science. The rules are same whether it is an auto-dealer in Ohio or a Punjabi family in Chandigarh or, for that matter a Parsi couple in Mumbai.
There was a quality of déjà vu when, last week, a Parsi couple asked for Feng Shui cures and suggestion as the patriarch of the family has virtually thrown them out of home, cutting them off from his will and reducing his son to the level of errand boy. And his daughter and her husband seem to have taken over the property and business.

Whether Atal Behari Vajpayee (the Prime Minister of India) has something against all the Biharis or this is just a coincident but my good friend Sanjay Nirupam (note: Sanjay Nirupam is a Member of Parliament) didn’t get cabinet berth because the PM and Pramod Mahajan were against the idea. If you remember, Nirupam caused a lot of embarrassment to Vajpayee over UTI issue and the PM was even forced to offer his resignation. While this was political growth in his stature for Nirupam, it also turned out to be hara-kiri for him.

Feng Shui to increase power and clout

The New Year brought Bipin Mehta back to me with good results. He beamed as he raised his mobile and told me that, "I have six life lines on my mobile now."
He had several fears when he first visited me.

My friend Shatrughan Sinha (an Indian film star and member of parliament) has become a cabinet minister! I am very happy for him. He is one person who joined BJP when it was in opposition. I was the one to first write about his plan to join BJP. In fact, his entry in politics was as the voice of dissent. He was first heard during emergency, and then never stopped.

Till the other day nothing could shake the throne of the former Chief Minister of UP, Mayavati. She betrayed BJP several times but they always returned to her. Mulayam Singh with all the support he had was no match for her till the Taj Mahal syndrome hit her where she wasn' t expecting. Mayavati has lost the Kingdom thanks to the jinx of Taj Mahal.

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