Fire Painting

Fire Painting

The ruling element of the fame corner is fire. Like the painting of the ancient Phoenix, this symbolic fire can bring fame & glory to even the most mundane life. The Feng Shui aspect is so subtle that this becomes an essential part of discreet Feng Shui for Fame and Glory in your life. This is a good Feng Shui cure to balance the Marriage Corner if afflicted with Wood or Water element.

Rs. 11,250.00 (12"x15")
Rs. 22,500.00 (16"x 20")
Rs. 45,000.00 (24"x36")
Rs. 2,700.00 (4"x6") print
Rs. 4,500.00 (12"x15") print

Prices and payment guidelines for Indians

List Price: $1,000.00
Price: $1,000.00

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