The Giant Painting

Giant is the painting of Cerne Abbas Giant. The giant generally represents the Greek-Roman God Helith or Hercules and is located in UK's Dorchester. This huge and impressive giant figure is formed by a trench 0.3m (1ft) wide and the same depth, cut into the underlying chalk. He is 55m (180ft) long and 51m (167ft) wide, and his right hand holds an enormous knobbed club 36.5m (120ft) long. His most famous and prominent feature is the erect phallus and testicles, which indicate that fertility rites were practiced here. This is supported by the fact that until recently, on the 1st May, maypole dancing and other celebrations were held in the earth enclosure known as the Frying Pan, situated a little further up the hill, above the giant's left arm. The legend is that barren women were said to conceive soon after sleeping on the Giant's body, while young women wishing to keep their lovers faithful would walk around the figure thrice.

The original acrylic painting ( 16" x 20" ): $500. Click here to buy now.

The original acrylic painting (12" x 15"): $250. Click here to buy now.

The print of this painting ( 12" x 15"): $75. Click here to buy now.

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