You are creative enough to sew an entire coat around a button! A little tidbit can end up into a major scandal if you had your way! You love to talk, exchange news and ideas, and enjoy the response of the listners.

Your neighbourhood loves your harmless stories but may become wary if you crossed the line.

The people born in the Year of the Monkey are known as the jokers and pranksters of the Chinese Zodiac but don't underestimate them. They are highly intelligent and ingenious.You dislike routine, love acting and playing a part. You can be very generous and sensitive to the needs of others, but often misunderstood.

If you' re born in this year, you can do almost anything you set your mind to.

The Monkey is the most versatile among all the signs. You' re original in thinking. Sometimes, your confidence can appear to be aggressiveness and your desire to help may seem patronizing and big brotherly.

If you are born in the year of the Monkey, this laminated print is just for you!

The Monkey is a friend of the Dragon and the Rat. They too should keep it to get his backing and support. Keeping your own animal and animals who are friendly with you will increase your social and business circle and add to your clout.

This lamination is on a solid .6 CM slim panel made of medium density fiberboard which don't require any further framing.

Rs 2000.00 / $40.00

Rs 1405.00 / $29.00

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List Price: $40.00
Price: $29.00

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