If you were born under the sign of the Dog, you are always trying to excel. You dislike half hearted approach and hastily completed projects. If you are a movie maker, you want to make films that could be described as classics. If you are a chef, you will spend days locating the right spices to have a menu that is fit for the King.

You are meticulous to a fault, you never abandon your duty, and you are always loyal and honest.
You have a tendency of seeing the dark side or everything and, in some cases, have a negative, pessimistic approach. You don't enjoy social gatherings and partying but carefully hide your true feelings.

A little know fact of your life is that you have always wanted to be the top dog. You would have done anything to reach the top. If you don' t reach the top, you either get frustrated or confused.

If you are born in the year of the Dog, this laminated print is just for you!

The Dog is a friend of the Tiger and the Horse. They too should keep it to get his backing and support. Keeping your own animal and animals who are friendly with you will increase your social and business circle and add to your clout.

This lamination is on a solid .6 CM slim panel made of medium density fiberboard which don't require any further framing.

Rs 2000.00 / $40.00

Rs 1405.00 / $29.00


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List Price: $40.00
Price: $29.00

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