Laughing Buddha in bamboo thicket

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Bamboos signify swift growth in Feng Shui and are considered an auspicious Feng Shui remedy to boost the career and business growth specially when placed on the wall facing the main door.  Having a painting often results in visual fatigue. But not when you have Laughing Buddha amidst the bamboos - in a thicket. Laughing Buddha in bamboos attracts good fortune. The family that keeps this Buddha on the wall will be happy, healthy and prosperous.

This makes a great gift. My advice is to spread the good luck by gifting this Buddha to your friends, relatives and colleagues. You will realize the joy of giving.


Laminated and energized print

This lamination is on a solid .6 CM slim panel made of medium density fiberboard which don't require any further framing.


US$125 / Rs 7,500.


List Price: $125.00
Price: $125.00

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