Feng Shui for an IT company in New Zealand

I knew very little about New Zealand before Geoffrey Bosworth approached me about a year back. He has been urging me to visit New Zealand and I have been viewing the pictures he has sent me. I must say that New Zealand is a really beautiful country and Auckland seems a lovely place. I hope to visit Auckland soon. This is supposed to be a pleasure trip but Geoffrey has already lined up some people who want to consult me professionally.

It is more interesting as I will also be meeting a couple of Feng Shui consultants in Auckland.

Feng Shui helps you even if the market is down!

Whenever one person suffers losses, someone else benefits...

Lets first talk of the period when the bulls ruled...

It is an ironic story of Michael, a stock broker. Whenever he bought a share, it started sliding, and whenever he sold a certain stock, its price would rise! This went on for a whole year in the rising stock market!

When the Birlas used Feng Shui...

Some time back, Ravi Kastia, Global Head of the Aditya Birla Group, was conferred the Unity International Foundation's 'Outstanding Business Executive of the Decade' award. Many more laurels have followed him since. And I remembered the time when this dynamic man sought Feng Shui consultation from me.

When the world conspire to help you


Whether you listen to the faint sound of desire from the deepest corners of your heart and choose Feng Shui as a way to trigger Earth luck, or ignore it, may not be a free decision after all. It is your destiny.

This is why I understand Suresh well when he laughs and says, "What seemed a little silly at one time and therefore not acceptable to me has today become the most important aspect of my life."

Yes, Feng Shui has become a way of life with him.

Feng Shui for a Businessman in Australia

This is the story of a miracle which happened to Brian Goldsmith!

Business booms with Feng Shui

Last week elated me with its success stories. I received seven instances of people who had benefited from my Feng Shui consultation. The most dramatic was the case of a US based businessman Kevin Brown. He was heading for a financial disaster when he contacted me about a year ago.

Now he writes, “I am out of the problems. I have a solid distribution network, an identity in the market and I am glad to say, we are making big money.”

My husband's business is not doing well

My husband's name is Sanjay Sarraf, his date of birth is Saturday, July 29, 1967, place of birth is Bhiwani (Mongyer, Bihar), birth time is 3:40 pm. His business is not good. People used him in business like stairs and after some time they kicked him out. For the last three years he is in China but till now he has not had any success. We have already changed flats four times in the last 8 months. The house where we are residing at present has its entry from the south facing north; bathroom is north east, kitchen is south east, bedroom is opposite the bathroom.

Feng Shui and starting a new business

Gentleman, though I am happy working in a reputed firm and earning a good sum to save and survive.  Every time only one thing haunts me i.e., to start my own business and establish myself.
What is your suggestion?


You can acquire the Greedy Dragon of Ambition and place it in Northwest of your house for getting the backing and support for your venture. You can also get Feng Shui done in your house before you start your new business..

Improving business prospects with Feng Shui

Dear Mr. Mohan, my husband is a businessman. He manufactures 'cylinders' for Generators. He has a small factory. Will you please help me by suggesting that how he can improve his business relations and increase number on customers. He always remains very upset because he is not getting the satisfactory returns to fulfill the needs of the family. I do not know his DOB.

Inderjeet Kaur

Increasing business with Feng Shui

My DOB is 22 oct 1956 4.10am Amritsar and My Husband's DOB is 1st Aug 1957 4.08am.  We are working together in computer business from last 7yrs.  We want to expand our business and increase profits.  I wrote to you before but did not get any reply. I request you to not to mention my name in the answer.
(Name changed on request)

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