Big bulk orders for Jimmy’s Bakery

It is not every day that I bring back an article from my archives.

I’m doing it because at least six persons were inspired from this article; chose Feng Shui for their business and every one of them is extremely satisfied with the results. Touch wood. This far exceeds my own expectations, my own claims. I always mention the success rate around 85 percent.

It is about Jimmy. Take a look by clicking Feng Shui Brings Riches .

Jimmy ran a bakery. It was his family business. While the business was okay during nineties, at the turn of the century, it started sliding. It was a slow fall and he failed to notice the reduced sales of regular bread, brown bread and mawa cakes.

Good old days of Irani restaurants in Mumbai

I remember eating brown bread with butter, popularly called as maska-broon with Irani chai in Mumbai and realized that with changing eating habits it had gone out of fashion. But that was not the reason for the failure of this bakery. He believed that the mass production of branded bread as well as shops selling all varieties of bread including rye, multi cereal bread, wheat & oat bread, wheat germ bread and olive oil bread considered `healthy` and `organic` or `in` seem to have ruined the traditional business of bread. This bread is called pao in local lingo. Moreover, habits seem to have changed as cereals and flakes seemed replacing the traditional breakfast of kheema pao. Kheema (minced red meat) and has gradually become a big no-no because of its connection with cholesterol.

On the advice of his wife Karen, Jimmy sought Feng Shui help to save himself from the looming disaster. I visited his house and bakery. As I had guessed, the changes had started after they renovated their house and made some changes in the bakery. Besides undoing some of those changes, I noticed the wounded dragon in the bakery. The dragon was wounded as a part of the bakery was acquired by the local civic authorities wanting to widen the road. This had wounded the dragon where it hurts the most. The money corner had been acquired by the Municipal authorities!

Restoring money and career corners

The money corner had to be restored and only after that it could be triggered with the regular cures. The same widening had also ruined the Career & Opportunities corner. This too needed to be restored and then enhanced. The faith of his wife almost scared me. She made him buy the Feng Shui paintings and products like they were their last hope, their lifebelt.

Happily, they were not disappointed.

The results warm my heart. Soon after the Feng Shui changes, he was approached by a catering service which wanted to brand the popular dish of Mumbai, vada pao. Vada Pao is to India what hamburger is to the Americans or for that matter, pasta is to Italians. It is the least expensive and therefore the most popular dish patronized by all classes of people. It is the fastest food in Indian cities. This catering service wanted to turn vada Pao into a branded dish and placed bulk order for pao with Jimmy’s bakery. This brand has grown big and with it has grown Jimmy’s bakery. Every time one more franchise opens, Jimmy gets additional bulk order. He doesn’t want to reveal too much about the success but success sits easy on him. “Feng Shui has certainly brought miraculous benefits to me.” Jimmy says.

Note:The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose. The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.


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