The Magic of Feng Shui Paintings

"From one shop in each category, we have grown into five shops selling women's innerwear and three grand shops selling branded apparel."- Ichiro YAMAMOTO, Japan.



Just as there are jinxed paintings – like I mentioned sometime back - which only bring grief, there are lucky Feng Shui paintings which bring great benefit. Some of my own paintings – in oil, acrylic, watercolor - are perceived as more potent than the regular Feng Shui products. 

Take for instance the experience of Ichiro YAMAMOTO, a Japanese who consulted me. 

Ichiro YAMAMOTO approached me about nine months ago. Ichiro was the eldest child, a son, of a Japanese family. (In this section of Japanese, people usually use caps for their surname. Of course, I am changing his name to protect his identity.) He had seen a friend of his, an architect, being benefited from Feng Shui. I was flattered when this architect had approached me, as Feng Shui is a part of Japanese culture and there are many Feng Shui experts in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Tibet.

Ichiro called it destiny.

He writes, "Unlike my friend who was on the brink of bankruptcy, I was running a successful family business along with Yuma, my wife, and was content, but from the moment I read about Greedy Dragon of Ambition I became restless."
Ichiro had two shops, both selling garments. His wife Yuma managed the shop selling women's innerwear and he ran the larger one, selling branded apparel. The door of the shop managed by Yuma was in the North, one of her lucky directions, and Wood was her auspicious element, making textiles in harmony with her. The door of the shop Ichiro managed was in the South, again one of his lucky directions, and his lucky element too was Wood. For the best results, I suggested that both of them should change their premises and if that was not possible they should mutually transfer themselves. They preferred the latter option. Ichiro started looking after the business of innerwear for women and Yuma managed the other shop. There were several other suggestions, placing the Greedy Dragon of Ambition and Ancient Phoenix too.

And the graph started going up steadily.

He continued, "From one shop in each category, we have grown into five shops selling women's innerwear and three grand shops selling branded apparel."

The Greedy Dragon painting has been such a success that I often get requests for more paintings; requests I do not always entertain. Whether it is the Greedy Dragon or the Giant that has helped women to conceive, or the Peak that has shown gains in the Career and Education sectors, the crucial step is the placement of the `cures`.

Here is a note from someone who got a good job thanks to a print of the Dragon. She writes:

"I took consultation from you exactly a year back and as I couldn' t afford to buy your oil painting you gave me an inexpensive copy of your Greedy Dragon of Ambition I am not exaggerating by saying that even that worked the miracle for me!!!
I was unemployed for more than 2 years, but got a placement within a week of consulting you. I am really greatful (sic) to you and Thank You from the bottom of my heart."  People who benefit are amazed and so am I. Here is a note about someone who got a massive promotional posting thanks to the Greedy Dragon. She wrote 10 months back: "…I am a middle level executive in a major organization and have been stagnating in the present position since last 2 years. Guys junior to me without better track record have been promoted over my head whereas I have been ignored despite a better performance. Of course, this has to do with a bias against placing a woman in the top position but I am very keen, very ambitious. Will Feng Shui be of any use to me? How much…

Among my suggestions that included Feng Shui cure for a beam above her seat (responsible for her lack of career growth) and destroying the negative energy in her Career & Opportunities corner, was the Greedy Dragon of Ambition. I gave her the choice between a print, a water color painting and an oil painting. She chose the more expensive oil painting indicating that she really was ambitious.

On 12th October, barely a month ago she called me on my cell. She appeared thrilled as she said, "Mohandeepji, remember me? Olivia here. I have good news. I got the promotion and I am now posted at our newly opened dealership at Parel. I am running the show and answerable to no one except the big boss. It has been a month and I' m very happy. And you know what…"

"I am happy for you." I told her after a happy conversation that refused to end. It pleases me more when an ambitious career woman acquires Feng Shui help perhaps because my mother was a working woman and so was my wife!

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