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Feng Shui has helped thousands of visitors and surfers who visit It all started the day I wrote `Feng Shui for the Bold & the Beautiful, the Rich & Famous`.

Feng Shui for the Beauty Queen

I received a mail from a beautiful girl struggling against politics in the world of glamour. Earlier too, another girl wrote seeking help on the same subject. There also was a boy worked up about the casting couch in Mumbai's advertising world.
I can only repeat an experience, the story of Catherine, to them.

It was a similar situation for Catherine (name changed to protect the identity) a beautiful girl from Illinois. She ended up being a runner up in a beauty contest. She lost due to a controversial judgment but does not want to get into that messy affair.

Feng Shui Directions and the Fame Corner

In Feng Shui, we derive 4 lucky and 4 unlucky directions from the pa kua number of every person. This pa kua number is, in turn derived from the date of birth (keeping Chinese Calendar, which doesn' t coincide with the Western calendar, in mind). It often happens that the lucky direction for one member of the family is unlucky direction for the other. Last week, a couple consulted me. Sheng chi (the Success Direction) for the husband turned out to be chueh ming (the Total Loss direction) for the wife.

Home Office Feng Shui

Once a clerk, always a clerk…Well, a clerk may grow into a bank manager, but it is rare that a bank manager quits his job, starts his own business and is a success. Working for large organization often renders you useless for self-employment. Moreover, the security of a monthly pay cheque is gone. Few people choose this route but those who do and succeed are a happier lot.

Feng Shui of Shilpa Shetty

Feng Shui of Shilpa Shetty, Mandira Bedi, Rakhi Sawant, Shekhar Suman and all those whose success is dramatic and sudden!

Feng Shui for Career

Problems in the Career sector can be as varied as an overdue promotion that doesn’t come through to dirty politics leading to victimization and false allegation…Feng Shui in your home can change the face of your career. The toilet in the Fame sector might bring false allegations but Feng Shui corrections can take you back to the peak, getting you enough backing to attain your ambition.

UK Councilor benefits from Feng Shui

Feng Shui for Opportunities

You work hard, burn the proverbial midnight oil, go an extra mile, chase dame fortune but she refuses to smile. You don't get the right break. The much-coveted job eludes you. The cheque remains in the mail. The cushy contract doesn't materialize. 

But you know some guy, who is laid back, doesn't even try too hard and yet gets all the breaks. He seems destiny's favorite child. The queue you belong to moves at snail's pace, and some other guy zooms up…everywhere. It has always happened to you. You have missed the bus, again and again.

Career progressing with instability. Coping with politics at workplace.

Dear Mr.Mohan,
I have a genuine concern about the  way my career is progressing with instability. Any amount of hard work and creativity is not paying. Too much of politics. Kindly suggest
parthasarathy srinivasan 

Hello Partha,
You should go for Feng Shui single corner (Career) by clicking the following link:

Taking career to new heights with the phoenix

What can I do that will make my career soar high like the phoenix?

Aditi, New Delhi

You can acquire the Phoenix from .
The directions regarding the placement accompany the Phoenix. Placing it in the Career sector will show good results.

Highly educated but jobless

Even after achieving high levels of education, I am not able to get myself a job. My DOB is 23rd July, 1974. I am really concerned about my career prospects. How can Feng Shui help me to avoid loosing opportunities and be more aggressive and persistent in job search and even in ensuring that I fare well in my interviews. I have placed a water fountain in the North of my house. 

Vinni, USA

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