Feng Shui for Opportunities

You work hard, burn the proverbial midnight oil, go an extra mile, chase dame fortune but she refuses to smile. You don't get the right break. The much-coveted job eludes you. The cheque remains in the mail. The cushy contract doesn't materialize. 

But you know some guy, who is laid back, doesn't even try too hard and yet gets all the breaks. He seems destiny's favorite child. The queue you belong to moves at snail's pace, and some other guy zooms up…everywhere. It has always happened to you. You have missed the bus, again and again.

Why does it happen?

Feng Shui provides the answer. And unbelievable though it may sounds changes and alters your destiny.Yes, I am repeating again. Feng Shui changes and alters your destiny It is true thatFeng Shui can't change your Heaven Luck. It is predestined.


But Feng Shui is all about enhancing your Man Luck and Earth Luck. An improved Man Luck and Earth Luck will brighten your chances everywhere…An assistant to a top producer-director was eager to make it as a director. However, he had been with him only for two years and though he was competent he had little hope of getting an assignment to direct a film independently. He was staying in a flat on leave and license. When he completed mandatory 11 months had to find another accommodation. Within a month of his shifting to a new flat his boss asked him to direct a film!

What was great about this new flat?

He placed his Godrej cupboard in the Helpful Friends (Patronage) corner. He also had a wallpaper of a waterfall in his wealth area. Feng Shui had worked for him. There were more happy surprises in store for him as the film went on to do good business.

Success can knock at your door too.

Get Feng Shui advice from Feng Shui Master MOHAN DEEP.

The Master can be commissioned to visit your house or office premises. In case, a personal visit isn't possible, you can consult him by sending him the required details (like plan of the house) by e-mail or post.

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