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Problems in the Career sector can be as varied as an overdue promotion that doesn’t come through to dirty politics leading to victimization and false allegation…Feng Shui in your home can change the face of your career. The toilet in the Fame sector might bring false allegations but Feng Shui corrections  can take you back to the peak, getting you enough backing to attain your ambition.

UK Councilor benefits from Feng Shui

This is the story of a true blue English lady who has benefited from Feng Shui for the Career, and how! Addie is an active politician very much involved with one of the City Councils in UK. She traces three generations of her family tree to the royal family of England. She sought Feng Shui consultation six months ago and wrote to me (excerpts)

"By normal standards I have everything. But yet I find myself unsatisfied.

"I am a councilor in one of the major cities in England. I find that whenever there has been a question of getting benefits (like opportunities to travel or Special Responsibility Allowances) I do not get too many opportunities. There is no doubt that I'm well off. I am better than many others but I'm not where I want to be; on the top. Like you have it written on your web site, my Earth Luck needs to be triggered. I want power, money, fame.I want everything.

"Can Feng Shui help me improve my luck?"

Among my Feng Shui suggestions was locating the power location of her office for Adelaide. She shifted her desk to the new position and changed her chair to a high backed chair and installed my ancient Phoenix and my painting of Greedy Dragon of Ambition on two spots I marked on the floor plan of her office.


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The result has been more than satisfactory for her.

She called to thank me. "Your Feng Shui has been very valuable. I am more than happy with the success I have been getting after the changes. I have got a very special assignment where I am heading the group. I am very happy with this opportunity. But please don't reveal my identity. This is a special request."

I called her last week and send her the copy of this piece where her identity is disguised. Her next call began with a throaty laughter. Addie said, "You have disguised me very well. I have no problem if you use this anecdote in your notebook."
If Addie benefited in her political career with Feng Shui for career, Ms Barbara Hall benefited in her business with Feng Shui for Business. Barbara is a very ambitious entrepreneur and has a wholesale business to do with fabrics in Liverpool.

She wrote:

"I have a reasonably good business and enough social recognition. I am capable of much more. My business can be much bigger and my position in the council too can be much higher. I am willing and capable but there is always some snag in whatever I wish to do and something seems to hold my growth. It is as if some rival is using voodoo to stall my progress. There was an inquiry followed by discussions and then an almost firm (oral) commitment for regular supply to a top fashion store in London. This will be a big leap for me. I will make more money and my reputation in the market will rise. Mysteriously, it hasn't materialized so far. I have given the best rates at very good terms and do not think that anyone can give a better offer. The other side has suddenly become silent."

Like often happens when people send floor plan by e-mail and make online payments, I replied within 2 working days. I marked everything on the floor plan and sent her the complete guidance. And lo, the magic began! It has elated me so much that I am on clouds. "As soon as I removed the metal statue the phone rang and I got the message that confirmation for the order was on the way. Soon the order arrived." Barbara informed me excitedly.
It is instances like Barbara's and Adelaide's that makes me go on and on.for hours. I have started realizing that 24 hours are not enough.


Note: While the names are changed to protect the identity of my businessmen clients, here are authentic testimonials identifying clients with their permission.




The Master can be commissioned to visit your house or office premises for consultation on Feng Shui for the Career. In case, a personal visit isn't possible, you can consult him by sending him the required details (like plan of the house) by e-mail or post.


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