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There was a time when Madhuri Dixit (a top Bollywood star) and Anil Kapoor (another Bollywood star) pairing  become stale and their together films started to fail. The acne on her face, at that time, was at its peak. And now, with 'Aaja Nachle' a heroine centeric film from Indian's top movie making house Yashraj Films under her belt at her age and after marriage and babies, the smooth skin of her face convey contentment that comes with success. Madhuri's is a success story that can truly be described as dramatic. Her beginning was with a failure but the kind of success she touched is mind blowing, and at the peak of her career she decided to call it a day, married and retired. Now, she has done the impossible as far as an Indian married actress is concerned. She has made a comeback with a film that revolves around her character.

From the moment I named my web site started a phase that has seen me in moods as different as amazed and concerned. More often I' m amazed at the way feng shui has transformed the lives of people or fulfilled their wishes enough for them to return with a request to fine-tune for more. And I worry about the fanatic faith they have in Feng Shui and in my skills.
Last week, I had the bulaava (call) of Sai Baba and I was in Shirdi.
I was thanking him for the happy marriages of girls who have my painting of Moon Energy, of the women who got `the Giant` and conceived, the film stars and politicians who acquired my ancient Phoenix repros and tasted success & glory, the professionals who climbed up the ladder of success and reached for the skies after hanging my `Greedy Dragon` on their walls. And I found myself praying for the recent clients. For the girls who haven' t been able to get married, for the women who have failed to conceive, businessmen with money problems, professionals wanting to reach for higher goals and everyone else who want more from life and has consulted me.
It is like reviewing the balance sheet at the end of the year. I noted with surprise that I was not praying for myself till I realized that my destiny, my success, my wealth, my life is connected with all of them. When I am praying for them I am praying for myself.
And I feel very positive.
In fact, three days back Madhuri Dixit (a top Bollywood actress now settled in the States) expressed happiness at the way Feng Shui has brought a look of contentment on my face. Our meeting was accidental. I was having lunch with a friend in Yoko when I noticed Madhuri' s father sitting diagonally opposite me on the adjoining table. Opposite him was his wife. I assumed that the girl sitting next to me would be Rupa, her architect sister. She wasn' t Rupa but Madhuri. Who would think of finding Madhuri in Mumbai accidentally? Her husband Dr Sriram was opposite her.
Her secretary Rikku who too arrived along with his son Karan revealed that she has signed 4 films and was considering the fifth one. She surely looks contented after conceiving and yet having a solid career.
Her beautiful face glowed and my first comment was, “ Madhuri, you look so content! I' m very happy for you.”
“So are you. I notice the satisfaction in you.” Madhuri said.
We were becoming a mutual admiration society and I remembered the days she used to be tense and worried. Many were the moments.
The first time I met her when she lived in Andheri' s JB Nagar. The uncertainty and determination to make it after making her debut in Abodh and the decision to drop out of second lead films she was doing when Rikku and Subhash Ghai decided to promote her.
And with Tezaab started the magic of Madhuri.
Then there was the moment when Anil Kapoor (another Bollywood star) and Madhuri Dixit jodi had become stale and their together films started to fail. The acne on her face was at its peak. I have noticed that acne on her face coincides with the tensions in her personal life.
Now her skin has a healthy glow.
Success has a way of advertising it. In her case it is in all the nine corners: Wealth & Good Fortune, Fame & Glory, Marriage & Relationship, Elders, Health, Children & Creativity, Knowledge, Career & Opportunities, Helpful Friends & Patronage.
Javed Akhtar, a famous poet and lyricist, once wrote
Sabka khushi se fasla ek kadam hai
har ghar mein ek hi kamra kam hai
(Roughly translated it reads, everyone is a step behind happiness, every house is short of one room.) But then, he wasn' t thinking about Madhuri Dixit-Nene.

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