Poison Arrows and Pa Kua mirror

Pa Kua mirror is the most abused remedy. I generally avoid recommending Pa Kua Mirror above the front door. Placing a Pa Kua Mirror above the front door, if it faces a neighbor, is like announcing to the world that you think that your neighbor is shooting poison arrows in the direction of your house. Since Pa Kua mirror repels and returns the arrows the neighbor would be compelled to have another Pa Kua mirror above his door. This has often caused a war of mirrors.

Besides, it is very important that Ch’ien trigram (3 unbroken lines) be on the top. Here we have reputed shops selling Pa Kua mirrors which, if placed the way they suggest, would be useless. But a more important question is: what are poison arrows and are they really targeting you. Poison arrows can come from a road directed towards your main door or even a window. Even a straight rod aimed towards you, sharp pears or metal beams and arrows of an under construction building can send poison arrows.

Building shooting poison arrows

I came across a multi-storey building in Mumbai's posh Napean Sea Road. God only knows how many high society families are the victims of the poison arrows emitted by this building. I have seen people keeping a small cannon on their terrace to ward off the impact of poison arrows, but believe that keep Pa Kua Mirror should be enough.

Buy Fu Dogs or Pa Kua Mirror

A Pa Kua mirror is a very powerful weapon and must never be used inside your home. It can diminish the good Feng Shui of the premises. There are some other safer remedies like Fu Dogs and Quirin. Fu Dogs are Lion-Dog creatures, which symbolize protection, valour and energy. They are normally in pairs. They frighten away evil influences and bad luck and also bring future prosperity.

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