When do I need Feng Shui?

One of the most often asked – and confusing – questions is: When do I need Feng Shui?

If you are a fatalist or believer in destiny, moving into a new house may or may not bring any change in your life. Destiny, according to oriental beliefs, is Heaven Luck. If life has dealt you bad cards, the Feng Shui of the new house will continue to be bad. If an astrological chart indicates a bad period, the Feng Shui of the house you choose will continue to be bad. Feng Shui is all about enhancing luck, changing destiny, with the help of Earth Luck.
Consulting a Feng Shui Master before buying a new house is the first step towards a new destiny, an improved luck. It is like a reshuffle of the pack of cards. The Master would select the right house for you. Destiny comes into the picture even here. If the odds are against you, getting the right house would be difficult anyway. You may need Feng Shui help in the Helpful Friends corner for your present house, even if it is a temporary rented accommodation. The Feng Shui product or painting one would recommend for enhancing this corner would expedite getting the right property which would be an asset in the new house.
Every house, like every human being, has some flaws. The Master, however competent, can only help you get the best from what’s in front of you. Once you get it, the placement of every important piece of furniture including the bed, the children’s desk, the dining area, place to keep one’s cash and assets, the work desk, the placement of the sink, oven, micro-oven, refrigerator and even the colors of the different rooms…everything come into the picture.

The refrigerator, for instance, is so important that sometime back, the makers of Whirlpool refrigerators approached me to design a Feng Shui fridge. This fridge would have been the ultimate Feng Shui cure in any kitchen and I had almost worked out the design and color combination for the Feng Shui fridge. We were to give a booklet with complete directions about the placement of the fridge in kitchen. Observing the way the middle class and lower middle class in cities, living in small houses with limited space often keep their fridge in the living room, I had also worked out directions for ridge placement in the living room. But the plan to produce this Feng Shui refrigerator was abandoned perhaps because I didn’t have enough time to discuss it in detail with them as I was busy giving consultation, painting or writing. May be the changes I was suggesting were not economically viable for them. This would have been a different looking fridge. My concept was to make the fridge a delight for the chef, for the housewife and for foodies, along with good Feng Shui and a lot of positive energy. It could have been second fridge in the living room which, besides being a Feng Shui cure, would have been a utility item for a house that buzzes with social life and the yang energy that it attracts.
I was also to endorse the Feng Shui of this fridge.
The concept still remains with me. Maybe the Whirlpool people need to get their Helpful Friends corner enhanced before being able to get the concept and endorsement from me! Maybe another manufacturer will approach me…
A refrigerator represents two elements: Water and Metal. It deals with the Earth element that rules our food and health. Placed in the wrong direction, it can cause major problems, even disasters. Placed along with an element that represents Fire, it can cause clashes and friction in a house.
But if the placement is ideal, it can attract good Health Luck and an active social life and harmony in the surroundings.
The same is true about the oven and for that matter, the study table of your little one.
Children are often scolded – hit, punished and beaten – for their inability to focus on studies. There are even extreme cases when, unable to face the shame of lower grades or failure, they even commit suicide. The blame may not lie entirely with them. It might be bad Feng Shui. The right Feng Shui and Feng Shui remedies like a talisman for education, an Education Tower or a brass tortoise, if placed correctly can be useful.
My talisman for education is Athena’s Owl.
Throughout history and across many cultures, people have regarded owls with fascination and awe. Few other creatures have so many different and contradictory beliefs about them. In early Indian folklore, owls represented wisdom and helpfulness, and had the power of prophecy. Though Ullu has a negative connotation in some parts of India, the owl has also been treated reverently and given a place of prestige. Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of money and wealth, rides on an owl.
The owl symbolizes a blend of Saraswati, the Indian goddess of Learning & Arts and Laxmi, who traditionally never reside in the same place.
Athene, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, was so impressed by the large eyes and solemn appearance of the owl, that she crowned the night bird by making it her favourite among feathered creatures. Athene's bird was a Little Owl, Athene Noctua. It was believed that a magical "inner light" gave owls night vision. As the symbol of Athene, the owl was a protector, accompanying Greek armies to war and providing ornamental inspiration for their daily lives.
An exact replica of a lucky mascot for knowledge, first crafted in Greece 2355 years ago, this is Athena’s Owl as depicted on a Greek coin. It is believed that Athena’s Owl, depicted on the ancient coin, brought good fortune to students, teachers and teaching institutions.

Recently, Aamir Khan lambasted Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Amitabh Bachchan for the insensitive handling and corporal punishment of a deaf, dumb and blind little girl, played by Rani Mukherjee in the film Black. I too feel very strongly about teachers and parents who handle their children cruelly, scarring them for a lifetime.
Equally insensitive is the blame game for business failure or failure in career.
A business might fail to take off for various reasons which usually have to do with the Feng Shui of the business premises, popularly described as ‘Vaastu barobar nathi’. While getting a job in this booming economy is not a problem, Feng Shui can trigger the Career and Opportunities corner and one may see a rapid growth in one’s career or an opportunity for growth.
In fact, Feng Shui is all about the nine Life corners that govern our entire life: Wealth & Good Fortune, Fame & Glory, Marriage & Relationship, Family & Elders, Health, Children & Creativity, Knowledge, Career & Opportunities and Helpful Friends & Patronage.

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