Feng Shui to Protect the Senior citizens

Anjali, based in UK, had consulted me regarding Feng Shui for her home. Once she was successfully free from her tensions, she focused on her parents in India. “Mohanji, my father Amrit Gandhi has a court case over a property dispute that is hanging like a sword above his head. It is an old case. The dispute started in 1994.

I worry about their safety. Another problem is about his investments and earnings. As the rate of interest has gone down as compared to a decade ago, his deposits do not earn him enough. All the efforts of my father to run some business have failed. My mother too has tried a few things but has not been able to make a success. You will get the details from them. I want to gift them Feng Shui and hope that it works for them as well as it worked for me and my husband.”

Instances of old couples found robbed or murdered would send a chill down Anjali’s spine and she would worry about her parents in Mumbai.

Even worse were the feelings of guilt as she enjoyed life in London. Anjali would often find herself wondering what her parents must be doing at that moment. On her last visit to India, she had organized internet connection at her parents’ home and was in regular touch with them through a web cam and messengers. Because of the parents’ limited budget and a rather rigid attitude, they wouldn’t have opted for

Feng Shui if it were not for Anjali’s gentle persuasion.

I visited the house of the Gandhis in March this year. It was in a mess. There was dust around and clutter everywhere. Apparently, Anjali’s mother Sarita was too tired to look after the house.The long list of their problems included not having reliable domestic help, money problems, the court case and the tension attached with it, worry about the welfare of their three daughters (all married, one in the UK and the other two in Mumbai) and endless lonely hours.

The two daughters in Mumbai were working women and could visit only occasionally. The couple craved for the visits of the relatives and friends but social life had virtually grounded to a halt for them. It was difficult to motivate the couple but once they saw the possibilities, they were enthusiastic.

They followed my Feng Shui advice however difficult it sounded in the beginning.

The most difficult part was getting rid of the clutter. But both of them, with the help of a maid servant, treated it like a mission. After three days, free from the oppressive negative energy, with a renewed fervor, they incorporated all the changes.
The position of their bed was changed. The computer table was moved though it required getting the electrician to shift the connection. The placements of the sofa set as well as the wall unit were changed.

And we added Feng Shui cures to the house. The blue water in the fish tank enhanced the wealth corner and added beauty to it. The painting of the dragon brought in a different look to the Helpful Friends sector. The curtains and bed sheets were changed. The house wore a new look when I made my second visit, and Gandhis had a smile on their faces. Six months later, in October, I was amazed at the warmth in the voice of Amrit, Anjali’s father as he said, “Feng Shui changed our life. EVERYTHING has changed for us.”

In a miracle moment, Amrit bumped into an old classmate while attending a wedding. This classmate’s son provided regular translation assignments for an advertising agency. “I never thought I would have a career in translation and now I find that I am getting work to write sub-titles too!” said the proud Gandhi.

Interestingly, the court case ended during the same period. The judgment was not to the liking of either party but better sense prevailed as an influential friend intervened. They buried the hatchet, settling the matter out of court. The Feng Shui effect in the Helpful Friends sector continued full steam, solving Mrs Gandhi’s chronic problem of house help.

She got an efficient woman to help her in running the house. The woman, a distant relative of the Gandhis, was homeless for a long time because of the earthquake in Gujarat and she readily agreed to live with them. Once Sarita’s maid problem was solved, she got one more person to help her and she started her lunch service with a couple of delivery boys.

Amrit Gandhi told me, “We are planning to go on a holiday to the UK. The only problem is that I have committed to complete some assignments which will take at least two months more, and Sarita’s lunch service can not run without her supervision.”
But I’m sure, in spite of these new commitments, the Gandhis will visit Anjali in the New Year.

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