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The Energy of old paintings

Last week I advised Andrew to get rid of the paintings and prints hanging on the walls of his room. The neglected, dusty frames were a story of negligence that had seeped into his life. The negative energy (Sha) hit me as soon as I entered his house. In fact, the negative energy touched me even before that, as he was with me in my car to show the way. The negativity around has changed Andrew. He is a sensitive, kind-hearted person who deserves a quiet, peaceful life now in his sixties.
But this is not happening. Andrew is tense, hyperactive, uneasy and unhappy.

Blending Feng Shui with Interior Decoration

Blending Feng Shui with Décor

Can one place Laughing Buddha in the toilet?

I work hard and really deserve a better career. I think part of my problem is that my toilet in my house is in my fame area.  i have put a crystal quartz by the window and have put red toilet sets but there is still no improvement.  is it okay for me to put a laughing budha in the toilet.please do not disclose my name
 (Name withheld on request)

Laughing buddha is never to be placed in toilet. It is showing disrespect.
even crystal quartz is not right as it will, on the contrary, strengthen the (negative) energies.

Are these paintings in my home jinxed?

I read your story on the jinx paintings.  
I was wondering would I get any bad luck by displaying a picture of Bruce Lee on the south wall of my bedroom?
Bruce has scratches on his cheek and chest in the picture while flexing for the cameras. He was fighting with some guy in a scene in a movie...
I am afraid because of the way Bruce died was pretty "jinxed" wasn't it?

Interior Decoration and Feng Shui

I had planned to have a show of my Feng Shui paintings in October-Nov but, even before that, they have started selling. More important, Feng Shui paintings are more effective than mass produced Feng Shui products.

Locating love at Orkut...the Feng Shui way!

Among the people who have benefitted from blending Feng Shui with décor is a Hindu businessman. He consulted me first for the regular Feng Shui and seeing the positive effects in his life was very enthusiastic when he acquired a showroom. His business was electronic goods and thanks to earlier changes he had been able to buy the 2500 sq feet showroom.

Feng Shui Before Renovation

Holidays may be the right time for renovation. But before starting any renovation that involves banging and breaking down walls, it is necessary to take note of what the Flying Star School of Feng Shui describes as the Grand Duke Jupiter. He must not be annoyed with loud noises of the hammers and drilling machines. Upsetting the Grand Duke brings bad luck.

Feng Shui and Interior Decoration, inherits a legacy

Every time you move into a new house (or shop or office), your life and luck are going to change. This also happens every time you change the interior decoration of the premises you’re in for a change. Whether the change is positive or negative depends on how right your Feng Shui is.

Discreet Feng Shui

You do not want to reveal that there was a time when you were in money trouble, when you were desperately looking for a match for your daughter or son, when your business was down, when you were in debts, when your son was jobless, when your daughter was desperate for getting a job… where subtle Feng Shui comes into picture.

Decorating Interior and Feng Shui

As I had expected, this concept of interior blended with Feng Shui has started showing tremendous results. And you do not even need to keep what cynics describe as `toads and turtles` as Feng Shui décor' has to do with directions, colors and elements.
Let me elaborate the concept for the lovers of Feng Shui how it can solve the usual complex problems one faces.

Feng Shui Decor

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