Feng Shui and Interior Decoration

“I had a very successful business. There was never any problem. Money flowed in. But immediately after I got my shop renovated the business has gone down. I need business Feng Shui. Can you help?”


“My business was doing very well till I acquired a new, bigger office. Within weeks life changed for me. Some senior staff members, dependable till then, resigned. One of them took away even our business contacts…I need your consultation for business Feng Shui.”
These are two of my more frequent experiences.

Feng Shui does help. But sometimes it has become absolutely necessary to demolish the recently done renovation or selling a newly purchased property, a step one rather avoids.

Here is the way you can prevent such a fate.

Consult before acquiring the new premises. Every little thing from the door direction to where the toilet is located is important while assessing the Feng Shui of the premises. It is better to consult before investing millions in the property that might turn out to be unfortunate for the business. The place where you sit, and the sector occupied by the marketing staff (or for that matter, the account department) has to be determined, the Feng Shui flaws need to be corrected. The elements used in the interior decoration (wood, metal, glass, marble etc) as well as the colors used in different sectors play a major role in the way your business will grow. 


Consult Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep before starting interior of your house. You will get a detailed guidelines including the placement of the complete furniture, colours of all the rooms to bring harmony in the house and placement of Feng Shui corrections, cures and remedies.


The focus of the regular architects and interior decorators is on aesthetics and that is what they have been trained for. Adding Feng Shui to decorating the premises is always an asset. The best thing is to first consult for the Feng Shui (keeping Interior Decoration in mind) and then hire the architect. I normally work out the colors and elements to be used in the interior, the preferable shapes (triangle representing fire and so on) – and I give several color options so that the architect should not feel handicapped.

Along with the colors and elements, I mark the placement of the boss’ cabin, where the staff members should sit (depending on what role they have to play in business) and even the placement of the telephone, the computer and the fax. It is my heaven luck that I once studied architecture for four years and quit it to write books and paint and now return to it with Feng Shui.

Interior Decoration, the Feng Shui Way

Get Feng Shui advice from Feng Shui Master MOHAN DEEP.

The Master can be commissioned to visit your house or office premises. In case, a personal visit isn't possible, you can consult him by sending him the required details (like plan of the house) by e-mail or post.

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