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Feng Shui of a secretary’s silent love

This is typical case of two secretaries – Lara and Ayesha - working for one employer that reminded me of a Mumbai builder who used to have two secretaries; one who couldn’t type but was glamorous and the other, a mousy creature who was the backbone of his office.



Secretary you can rely on

Moon Energy

Serena is a lady in her late thirties. She was a little hesitant but opened up slowly. “Mine is an arranged marriage and I also have a 7-year-old son. On the surface, everything seems fine. My husband is a good man who provides for the house and is a responsible father. Yet, something is missing. I have never experienced love. I am talking of the love for which I will do anything- take wild risks, cheat, and lie and even take on the entire world.

Feng Shui for Love - Sharad Poornima

For all those who want to attract love in their life, 6th October 2006 is the most important date. It, of course, is a full moon day, considered poornmasi in Vedic astrology. But it is SPECIAL because it is Sharad Poornima.

Feng Shui for Sex

The online poll of 1,941 adults, two-thirds of whom were women, has thrown up some startling facts:

Moon energy and luck in love

Saw your website, very interesting topic to me. I want to learn about moonenergy as I m still single for many years.


Hello Alice,
Because of this one line question you are close to getting what you have always wanted, missed and never got so can use moon energy to enhance your love luck.

Here is the link to give you some more info about moon energy.

Getting my boyfriend back

I'm in so much in love, with my boyfriend, i give him money and things, and he said that will get married next year, he even said that he love 110 percent, but when i scold him and get angry with him one time, he didn't answer my calls and reject. so hurting but i still wait for him. My date of birth is Sept 1st, 1976.
(Name withheld to protect the identity)

Having a difficult time finding a life partner

Dear Mohanjii,
Thank you for your Feng Shui column. I have enjoyed reading your advice and tips on Feng Shui. Born on 11/27/1969, MUZAFFARPUR, INDIA, I have had horrible luck in the marriage and romance area of my life.  I am having a difficult time in finding a life partner.  I would like your advice on changing this situation of mine.  
With respect,

Sunita Sinha

My boyfriend refuses to marry me

I have a very big problem. I was born on December 29, 1977, in Jaipur (Rajasthan) at 5.30pm and presently stay in Gujarat. While working I fell in love with a man who too loves me a lot but he is married and also has a son. I have proposed marriage to him so many time when we were working together but he refused because he feels that if he marries me then he is spoiling my life because he is married and elder to me by 16 years.

I need Feng Shui tips to find a life partner

My date of birth is June 10, 1982; Place: New Delhi, Time: 7:15 am. I think I am quite good but I feel that no one is interested in me. I request you to suggest me some feng shui tips that can help me to find a life  partner. I want my partner to be reasonably rich, good looking and very loving. My friends says feng shui really helps. Please guide me.
New Delhi
Install a bright bulb in the Southwest of your bedroom. Also, sleep with your head in Southwest which is your Marriage and Romance direction.

Boyfriend doesn't want to marry me - can Feng Shui help?

I have a very happy relationship and I really want to marry him. However there is a problem. He is not very keen on marriage. Maybe I just have to wait but I don't want to wait without doing anything. How can I make him start thinking about marriage by using Feng Shui? My birthday is September 27, 1981, time is 22.20, place is Istanbul, Turkey. His birthday is Feb 12, 1973. I dont know his birth time but the place is Cambridge, UK. Thank you ever so much...
Nuray, London

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