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Whether it is Prince Charles risking the scorn of his people to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles, the divorcee who was his mistress for several years and was blamed by Princess Diana for the break up of her marriage or the Duke of Windsor, married the twice-divorced Mrs. Simpson abdicated the thrown for her, the wonderful emotion is LOVE. While you can employ Feng Shui for Love by consulting Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep , here is an exciting opportunity to learn the secret method of garnering the auspicious Moon Energy to improve your love luck.

It is scientifically known that the moon has a deep effect on women and their hormonal cycles. Not only are both the cycles of 28 days duration but, according to Indian Vedic astrology, the nakeshtra of the first day of the first menstrual cycle always remains same, unless disturbed by external factors including drugs and stress. The influence of the moon on water (and all liquids including petrol, oil, and wine) is well known and this is said to be reason for the moon’s influence on women’s menstruation. Moon energy is the `yin` energy – as against the `yang` energy of the Sun – and the Chinese have an old Taoist way to harness this energy so that a woman’s beauty may be greatly enhanced to make it more attractive.
The full moon day is very useful for gathering Love energy. 

 Learn the Secret of Garnering Moon Energy

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Excerpts from the Diary of the Feng Shui Master

Carol was among the first batch of girls who learned the method to garner Moon Energy. She was thirty-three and single. Carol had a good executive job in a major financial organization and had been growing in her career. “I have no worry about my career. I have a good job and have proven myself in various departments while doing the field duty. I could even recover loans that were considered `bad debts` and were to be written off by my persistence and the management has appreciated this. My problem is that if a suitable match is found for me his earnings or position is considerably lower. This would cause problems in marriage. I want to look up to my man. Everything is happening in my life but not marriage.”

In fact, she almost got married to a guy but was saved from a disaster when she learned that he was married!

The way the Moon Energy worked for Carol is amazing. 

Her faith in the mysterious method of gathering the lunar power was scary. What if it didn' t work for her? She insisted on acquiring one of my oil paintings (Moon Energy) and hung it in her bedroom at the spot I marked.

Moon Energy brought love luck in Carol's life 

In less than a week she was posted to the banking division of this organization as the manager went on leave. This seemed a purely routine and purely temporary transfer as she retained the earlier charge. While on this desk she came in touch with the Chief Executive Officer of successful Software Company based. Perhaps not willing to trust anyone else with the huge cheques he was making online, this `always in hurry` CEO would often visit the bank while on his way to his office. He was everything she could dream of - handsome, successful and caring. Their love story grew over cups of coffee and quickly climaxed into marriage.
Serena is a lady in her late thirties. She was a little hesitant but opened up slowly.
“Mine is an arranged marriage and I also have a 7-year-old son. On the surface, everything seems fine. My husband is a good man who provides for the house and is a responsible father. Yet, something is missing. I have never experienced love. I am talking of the love for which I will do anything- take wild risks, cheat, and lie and even take on the entire world. I want to experience this love; I want someone who loves me as much, with as much intensity.”

Bored housewife wants love

Clad in a regular sari with no make up look, Serena looked one of the many housewives whose life can be described as `routine`.
“What is preventing you?”
“But nothing is happening in my life. Though I live in Mumbai, my life is as unexciting as if I was in some little county! Will Moon Energy and Feng Shui bring love in my life?” She asked. As usual, I didn't make any promises. I simply said, “Hopefully. What have you to lose?” She did the course and disappeared.
“I remember the date I visited you. It was 6th October 2003. It was a Monday as you said that Monday is an auspicious day for learning the method to harness Moon Energy. I charged the crystal and mirror the way you told me. It was again a Monday, 15th December 2003 that my life changed. My sister, who is based in Chicago, sent a couple of parcels for me and my mother. I received the phone number of the family from where I was to get these parcels picked up. As our driver was on leave, I went to this family.
“This is when I met him; the man of my dreams…For the first time in my life I understood what they mean by going weak in the knees…I do not even know how we talked so much in our first meeting and who really took the initiative…but I had a passionate relationship with this man. It was like my fantasy turned into reality. It lasted a week. Can you imagine this man, younger than me, was ready to marry me? He didn’t’ care that I was already married and had a son,” Serena said excitedly.
“Why didn’t you?”
“Honestly, I developed cold feet…” she sighed.
I didn’t know whether to chide her or admire her.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients.

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