Marriage and Harmony

Marriage within the fold...the Feng Shui way!

As coincidences go, this was the mother of them all.

I had received two invitation cards for the same marriage. One was from the bride Sana and, her parents Khush and Mukesh.

"Sana's marriage with Abhishek is happening thanks to Feng Shui! It is thanks to you" Khush Dalal had gushed when she had dropped in to invite me.

My acquaintance with Khush Dalal had started less than a year ago. It had to do with her only daughter Sana.

Save Marriage with Feng Shui

This happened when I was on vacation in Goa. Though on a holiday, I was checking my mail every day. One particular letter interested me. I saved it and quote from this old letter that I first read when on Calangute Beach.

Getting son and daughter married with the help of Feng Shui

What can we do to get suitable match for our son & daughter & get them married immediately.
usha mahajan

You can acquire the painting of Moon Energy (Phoenix and Dragon) by clicking . The guidance about the placement comes with the painting.

A lot of problems after getting married. Can Feng Shui help?

hellow sir,
i m a gal of 24 years old n i m married.......but since i got married i have
got a lot of problems......i m getting blamed by peoples .......they r
pointing in my character........thou,my husband love me......i m in tension
all the i m afraid my married life may ruined by
the people who r blaming me......also pls advice me to choose an actual
career according to my birth date its 1980...june 10th.......and my husband

Relatives causing rift between husband and me

Dear Mr Mohan Deep, my date of birth is June 25, 1976. My relationship with my husband was very good but since the last 3-4 months, quarrels often take place due to the interference of others. Basically, this interference is from the people, who are in relation with us. So, it's very difficult to completely break up relationships with those people but their regular interference in my house is destroying my life and my relationship with my husband.
Can Feng Shui offer us a solution
Thanks & Regards


Dealing with an abusive partner

I came to US about 5 years ago. I should not say since then but even before my coming ot the US, I have been facing a lot of inner conflict, fear and unrest in myself. Mainly, my marriage to an abuser is to be blamed! Now, I have left him but I still feel a fear and I think people in general do not enjoy my company. Consciously, I do not say bad things to people. I am not sure why people are not attracted to me. I want friends and a nice person in my life. What should I do?


Feng Shui for a happy married life

Hello Mr Mohan Deep,

My name is Rajni and my date of birth is 13 April,74, place of birth is Himachal Pradesh (Hoshiarpur) and i do not have the exact details about time of birth.. it is somewhere between 9.30 PM to 10.30 PM
My husband's name is Vikas, his date of birth is 9 January, 69 place of birth is Mumbai  and time of birth is 1.35am

How do I get my sister married?

Please  suggest me something  , i want my sister to get married soon , we are looking for boys but things are no finalizing

Her name is Dipty Jaithely
D.O.B - 4 May 1980
time :4am
place : delhi

You can hang the painting of Moon Energy in the Southwest of your house. Also, Dipti may sleep with her head in East, here lucky direction for Marriage & Romance for better luck in marriage.

Trouble with mother-in-law

Dear Mohandeep
My date of birth is June 25, 1976 and I belong to Kua No. 9, whereas my husband's Kua No. is 6. In the year 2004, I am facing a lot of problems from my in-laws, especially my mother-in-law and one of my brothers-in - law.  

Dealing with relationship problems using Feng Shui

My date of birth is September 1, 1958. Place is Delhi. Time is 9.45 pm. My query is that we stay in an apartment and at present can't change it. And, of course have no control over the design as it is a rented apartment. We are on the 10th floor. The problem is that South side of our apartment is open and on the second floor it has a pool on that side. Since we have moved in the apartment, even if we have done good for somebody, it has brought us bad name. Also, there is a lot of relationship problems we are facing.

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