`Fung Shway`* of a Single Mother

Ruth first visited my office three months ago.
She sounded depressed on the phone when she said, “I am a single mother. The responsibilities are too heavy to bear. I am not able to cope with life. Do you think Feng Shui can change my life?”

“We can certainly try,” I said.
Though only in her late twenties, Ruth appeared older and slightly unkempt. She was in hurry as she had left her daughter with her neighbour.
“Life without a support system is a burden. I met Paulo (name changed) five years ago. Though once I was an actress and had my dreams, I was now struggling, ready to do anything. Paulo is an established figure in Bollywood, and he provided moral support and soon we were in love… or so I thought. I knew that he was married but I was in no position to choose. In any case, he promised to marry me after divorcing his wife. He even rented a flat for me. Though it wasn' t possible for him to stay with me he did spend several nights here. When I got pregnant, I could have chosen the easy way out and opted for the abortion. But by the time I realized that he had no intention of divorcing his wife, I was in the seventh month of pregnancy. It was too late for abortion.
It certainly was a tragic tale.
I do not wish to dwell on how she brought up the child single-handedly, but it touched my heart.
I visited her one-bedroom flat, the same one Paulo had rented for her. Now she was paying the rent herself.
The flat had a very irregular shape. Looking one way, the Northwest, Southwest and the Southeast corners were incomplete and the toilet was in the Northeast. Popular Feng Shui would analyze these as incomplete Helpful Friends & Patronage and Wealth & Good Fortune corner and the toilet in the Knowledge corner. The Black Hat Sect and Eight Mansion Theory, on the other hand, indicated the absence of the Wealth, the Knowledge and the Marriage corner and the toilet in the Helpful Friends & Patronage corner.
Construction, reconstruction and demolitions were out of the question in this rented place. In any case, I do not suggest civil work. Feng Shui methods are different and use sound, light, mirrors and symbols as remedies. These methods are the REAL Feng Shui supported by the Feng Shui products (or charms).
In less than three months, Feng Shui transformed Ruth' s life.
She dropped in at my office along with her little one. Her face was glowing. She was ecstatic when she said, “Mohanji, things started happening with Feng Shui. I now have another man in my life who loves me enough to marry me. He is also willing to accept and look after my child. We are getting married next week, on Friday. Please come and bless us!”
* Fung Shway is the way Feng Shui is pronounced.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with consent. The pictures are used for representational purpose.

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