Laughing Buddha

'Laughing Buddha and Bamboos' and 'Colorful Laughing Buddha' - painted and energized by Mohan Deep - make a good gift whether for your home or to gift it to your near and dear ones. 

Buddha always brings good luck along with it.

Buy Laughing Buddha surrounded by bamboos.

Buy Colorful Laughing Buddha.

Feng Shui paintings

The print of your Moon Energy painting brought love in my life. Within less than six months I met the man of my dreams and today we are happily married. However, we are having problems in the Career corner. Now I want to put the pictures of either the dragon or the peak in my house. Where should they be placed? And how do I buy them?


Like the last time the directions about placement will come with the paintings. They are available at .

Should I sell your Feng Shui painting at a profit after it has proved lucky for me?

Last year I acquired the acrylic painting Greedy Dragon of Ambition from you. It boosted my career tremendously. I got two promotions and major raises in salary. Now I have a new, lucrative job offer from an MNC. I have yet to decide whether to take it. My question is about the painting. Seeing the benefits of my Greedy Dragon he has expressed his desire to buy it from me. He has offered me a very good price for your painting even when you are painting them for $300-400.

Legend of Phoenix

The bird proudly willing to burn,
So that he may live again,
Chooses the flames of fires
That burn the aged Phoenix
The nature stands still
Till a new young bird starts again,
and begins the legend of the Phoenix.

- Claudian (Roman author)

The Greedy Dragon of Ambition

The Greedy Dragon of Ambition is the requirement of the new, aggressive, demanding generation of go-getters who want everything and then some more. Dragons for help, inspiration, support and strength in the Helpful Friends & Patronage sector, Travel corner or the Career & Opportunities has been a tradition with the orient for centuries.

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