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Is it considered bad to sit facing a wall in Feng Shui

I am Shelly Khanna . My D.O.B is 25/12/68, Place  - Delhi, Time --6am. I want to know in which direction i should sit in office . I heard its bad to sit facing wall ,is it true .

Feng Shui for getting a better job

My query is about my future as in career prospects and peace and happiness. I am a marketing professional but have a much lesser job.
Date of birth: Feb 26, 1966
New Delhi, india

mallika, New Delhi

As per Chinese calendar your year of birth is 1965. This makes your Pa Kua number 7. Sleep with your head in Northwest and also sit facing this direction for success.

Feng Shui for career and improving relationships

Q: My name is Shilpi Shah; date of birth is 5th Jan 1976 born in Madras. I have been facing financial crisis from a long time. I wanted to work and earn properly so that i can handle my children education myself but seeing my position I feel I will not be able to do anything I am quite depressed because of this. My husband is suffering from epilepsy problem. I am full of tension from the day I got married and had never got a chance to live a happy marriage. I m very upset.

Feng Shui for Medical Professionals - Doctoring the Luck of Doctors

After writing an article in 4D, a magazine for the doctors, I found doctors consulting me. The doctors are open minded and willing to experiment. They happily incorporate the changes and keep in touch, informing me of the Feng Shui impact. 

The Greedy Dragon of Ambition

Since the time I have mentioned my specially prepared Feng Shui paintings, several readers have inquired about them. I don’t really know when I will have a show of my paintings, as they are selling faster than I can paint them. Till now the paintings have been for my clients. I have realized that my paintings work faster than the regular, mass produced Feng Shui products but that can be easily explained. It is the intention that works. An artisan making aN idol of Lord Ganesha knows that the statue is an idol, is worshipped by millions.

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