Dreams come true with Feng Shui

Feng Shui has brought a whole lot of people into my life, and, besides my web site, I have started a page in facebook (facebook.com/fengshuimiracle) where lovers of Feng Shui can share space with me. I do not know whether I will really be able to cope with the demanding schedule that requires me to give consultation, write, paint, give online consultation and reply to scores of letters and e-mails that I receive everyday, but these varying phases and experiences give me a high.

My Notes on Feng Shui Paintings Show

The D-day for the show – my second - of my Feng Shui paintings is getting closer. My work will be on display on 9th, 10th and 11th November. Done mainly in oil and acrylic each Feng Shui painting is unique.

Broke Businessman Bailed out with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Rescues a Broke Businessman  

Advising clients abroad is more interesting and the results are more dramatic if the in-put from them is complete.
Like this client – Steven Mirc from Dallas – who was in a major jam because he was spreading himself thin. Although married, he was the proverbial sailor with a girlfriend at every port. And to take the analogy further, he even blew up money like a drunken sailor. He was deep in debts and didn’t have a way out.

Empty Bottles in Cocktail Bar in Feng Shui

Money Corner Story: Empty Bottles in Cocktail Bar

Also important is what you have in the Wealth and Good Fortune corner of your house/office. A struggling film producer who has placed several empty bottles in his drum shaped bar (maybe) so that it appears full cribs about the lack of finance. Someone pointed out the `jinx` this corner must cause to him. Scared, he found a hasty-filmy solution. He asked his servant to fill in all the bottles with water mixed with tea!

This can only invite more trouble…maybe fake currency!


A prayer for prosperity

Hello Master,
My name is Belem Gonzalez QUintana and my date of Birth os april 4 1963, I'd like to do a cure for prosperity. Can you recommend one for me or give me a prayer for prosperity?
Please, I really need to do better than now.

Belem G Q

Should we rub the stomach of the Laughing Buddha for better luck?

Is it essential to rub Laughing Buddha's belly? If not, then how to use it?

Sahil, New Delhi

Yes, funny though it may sound, Chinese do believe that you must rub Laughing Buddha’s belly for better luck.

How do I create wealth and boost my career and fame corner?

My Pa Kua No. is 9 and my husband's Pa Kua  no. is 6. Our house is east facing. I want to place some Feng Shui items in my home to enhance wealth, career and fame corner, so please advice. Further, both of us struggle very hard to raise our financial position but money always flows out. Please advice.
Thanks & Regards

Selling real estate with Feng Shui

Hello Mohanji, my father wants to sell his plot. He tried but still we aren't able to do so. The rate offered by people is much less than expected. What changes can we do for faster process of this sale?

The right way to place a horse shoe

I would like to know the correct way of hanging a horseshoe. Should the pointed end face up, as in the 'smile' shape or should it point down?

Dear Gujral, smile is right. We call it horns up, though.

Where should I place the Laughing Buddha?

I have a laughing Buddha kept in my cubicle. In which direction should I place it? I'm seated facing North East and the door leading me out of my cubicle is in West direction? Thanks in advance for the answer.
Kaushal, Bangalore
The Laughing Buddha should be facing the main door, directly or diagonally. It is not possible to know whether North East is your lucky direction without having access to your date of birth.

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