Feng Shui Brings Riches

Over the last few years I have realized that the corner considered the most important is the money corner. Creativity, Career, Fame, Marriage, Family, Knowledge, Health and Helpful Friends – the other eight life corners in Feng Shui – stand behind in the line that gives priority to wealth. I noticed it first when I held the show of paintings a couple of years ago. Instead of the usual dragons and toads in every house that chooses Feng Shui I wanted my special clients to have aesthetically painted symbolic Feng Shui canvasses. These canvasses and frames were to be placed in various parts of the house to balance the harmony of elements. They would enhance various corners and wouldn’t be too obvious. The first and the foremost choice of visitors were paintings for `the Money Corner`. Within hours every canvas was sold out and now the halfhearted focus was on the other Life Corners. I decided that the focus will nowonwards be on the paintings for the Wealth Corner.


Financial success-stories are more interesting to read too. Here is a case study where the money runs into several crores but I can’t even mention the figures. They are enormous. And the miracle happened faster than in a movie! The invite from Joe (name changed) was a repeat. He wanted me to take a complete look at a new 2000 sq feet posh apartment he had bought and was getting renovated before moving in. And this starts a flashback.

Joe had consulted me for his older house and office in MIDC. He had suffered a major set back in his business. I won’t mention his business, a blend of creativity and marketing to safeguard his identity. He has had two bad years in an industry that was having a downward slide but was trying hard to come out of the bad phase. I suggested the Feng Shui changes necessary for various corners. It is a little more complex when you want to incorporate the changes that satisfy the needs of all the different, some time conflicting, schools of Feng Shui. "The result has been mind blowing. You did the Feng Shui of my home in August and office in September. And the changes started in October!" he said with a satisfied grin as we sat in his centrally air-conditioned office over a cup of coffee. On his table lay a business magazine that had carried a 4 pages article on him and his venture and a CD that contained a copy of a 30 minute interview ran by a TV channel. This was a solid media appreciation and not a page three item written by a friendly gossip writer.

"I want you to write about my success but please don’t give my name. I would like to endorse it in one of the articles about me in the business magazines but you will realize the difficulty when you will hear the entire story." Joe told me. "I flew to London in October and made a casual acquaintance with a business man there. This started a new phase in my business. During the last six months I have earned so much money that I have repaid all the debts and then have some more."

He touched wood and admitted that the money he has made is a massive haul!

"This is a side of my business I had never explored." He said. His only worry is about another project, which will show results after a year. The professionals who are working on this closely guarded project are being paid salaries that run into several lakhs every month. In fact, the highest pay packet he is giving to an IT professional is Rs. 2.75 lakhs a month! "I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this project is successful as I have pumped back everything I have earned in this project." He said and added, "If you write about the kind of avenue that opened in front of me there can be some problems I rather avoid."

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