Lampshade in Money corner

Last week, a young Sindhi man staying at Shastri Nagar consulted me. Manoj and Anu, his Punjabi wife were having the usual business problems for over one and a half year. Manoj had also been waiting for a major overseas assignment to materialize since last six months and had started despairing. While there must be several Feng Shui explanations for this as I have yet to see his Kalbadevi office and his wife’s garment factory, I was fortunate enough to locate a major flaw in his home.
Besides the usual problems that I correct, I noticed a full size lampshade in the Wealth & Good Fortune corner of their house. The lampshade was red and thus clashed with the element necessary to augment the Money corner: water. Red represents Fire and clashes with Water. The lampshade was also not functioning for a long time and couldn’t be repaired. Apparently, it had affected this aspect of their life. Among my suggestions was the immediate removal of this lampshade.

Good news within 12 hours

"I removed the lampshade immediately after you left, and after barely12 hours, I received an e-mail confirming this overseas assignment!" Manoj told me when he visited me to collect some Feng Shui products. His eyes were shining and he seemed relieved. These are the kind of instances that satisfy me.

Even more satisfying is the creative side of Feng Shui: the Feng Shui paintings that I have started working on. The idea is to hold my second show. The first one was held over two years ago. Some of those canvasses now hang in the houses of top film stars and politicians. As a business, paintings seemed pointless since they take a lot of my time – and I’m already short of time because of unending requests for Feng Shui consultation. But these paintings are a substitute for the mass-produced Feng Shui cures selling in all the shops. The elite and the upper middle class want their Feng Shui benefits with style. They prefer to have oil on canvas instead of the kind of ceramic products visible in every third house. It is interesting to observe that these canvasses are more potent than the mass-produced Feng Shui items. And they are exclusive.

Painting is like meditation

Painting,, or any other creative work, is like meditation. If you love it, you can get immense peace while working. And therein lies the potency of such work. I think the intent while painting is as important as the intent while cooking. For this reason, traditionally, a mother’s cooking (or that of one’s wife) was always preferred over the indifferent work of a maidservant. The thoughts of the person who is cooking reach the mind of the persons who eat and can easily affect them.

Speaking of intent, I’m sure my beautiful new star client (who will launch my next show) will benefit very much. The talented lady has chosen to paint, herself. I will provide her with the concept and ensure that each canvas is placed at just the right spot for the best Feng Shui effect. She has got the world recognition for her beauty and Feng Shui will bring her even more glory!
But I hope to write about the Feng Shui effect on her career and life, in October or later, quoting from this very article. Right now I have a success story of a young Punjabi filmmaker. Within three months of my Feng Shui consultation, he returned to me with a satisfied smile. He had the usual problem, which every second person faces in the film industry. His dues were blocked and his films were not progressing.

"I can now say that I got back all my dues and I completed one film quickly during these three months. This yet to be titled film – one of those started after the success of Monsoon Wedding – was completed in one schedule," says the unassuming Punjabi. He ran a tight ship and saved his producer at least 2 million rupees, a major amount for such a film.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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