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August 13, 2001  



Feng Shui, some may point out, came about as a method of selecting burial sites in China but over the centuries, it has moved away from being anything remotely morbid. Among the nervous, who flock to the Chinese art of correcting destiny, are falling stars of Bollywood. When Ajay Devgan lost about Rs 10 crore after the Raju Chacha tragedy, he approached author and Feng Shui master Mohan Deep. "Money was leaving his household for the last two years till his mother sent him to me. After my tips, he has made good money by distributing two films;' Deep says. $MEDIA-AUTORESP$

Shekhar Suman, when Sony TV was apparently tormenting him, approached a Feng Shui guru, "who gave all the wrong tips", according to his friend. But, a change of master later, things started looking up and good. Karan Johar got Feng Shui done on the sets of his film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Amitabh Bachchan is another confirmed disciple. And, as Bollywood grapevine goes, popular hero's wife has approached Feng Shui guru to "stop the man from sleeping around".

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