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Writer Mohan Deep (who's best known for his exposes on the private lives of stars) has come out with a totally different book - this one on Feng Shui.
Sub-titled, 'For the Bold and the Beautiful, the Rich and the Famous', the blurb reads, handbook for politicians, builders, industrialists, media, film stars, film people and anyone who wants more'.

Who doesn't? But seriously, what most people will want is this (which holds out the promise by citing the examples of numerous celebrities from Ajay Jadeja and Fardeen Khan to George Fernandes and Bharat Shah) that Feng Shui can help everyone. It goes a step further by daring to declare that you will actually see the results in a lunar month.

Says Mohan Deep, "It's a fallacy that Shah Rukh's bungalow Mannat is unlucky for SRK. On the contrary, it's just the opposite. Although it's a known fact that heritage buildings can be inauspicious, this one isn't. I also heard that a fish tank broke in his bungalow which is considered a bad omen. But I've studied the actor's birth chart and I can confidently say that good times are just around the corner for him." $MEDIA-AUTORESP$

Continues Mohan Deep, "The film industry's predominant element is water. That's why when films are made with names of fire or agni in the title, they don't generally do well. I warned Binda Thackeray not to use the word in his film title. But he didn't listen, he went ahead and made Agnisakshi. The film clicked, but he died! The biggest exception has been Sholay. But when I analysed the birthdates of everyone associated with the film, I found their main birth element was earth. The birth element of G P Sippy and Amitabh, however, is wood - which matches well with fire. As for the central figure in Sholay (the movie made him into a cult superstar), can you guess what Amjad Khan's birth element was? It was fire'"

The book is crammed with lots more info on the stars and other celebrities

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