Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep's Feng Shui for the Doctors

Kaushik Deka in
4th D
Jan 2004 
Feng Shui for Doctors (Click here for the clipping)

The mother used to proudly say, "Mera beta doctor banega" and huge amount of money was spent on his medical education. But when he started his practice, he realized that even the classmates who passed with difficulties were earning more than him despite his string of degrees.
Dr. Kothari had two clinics. One was located in a polyclinic and another in a residential building. Some patients certainly came but they always treated him as a 'temporary substitute' and never came back. When he consulted me, I discovered an unusual similarity in both the plans! Career Comer was absent, a toilet, which was used by his patients, was located in the Relationship Comer and the Wealth Corner was incomplete. Dr Kothari was sitting in Knowledge Comer and since he had more time, reading more medical books!
Having similar Feng Shui flaws in both the premises indicated that this was his Heaven Luck. "It would be interesting to take a look at your residence." I said. As I feared his residence too had similar flaws.
Explaining him the theory of Feng Shui, I suggested remedies for all three premises. Things changed for him rather fast. A lady doctor who had a flourishing practice went on a holiday. She placed his telephone number on the door of her clinic as a doctor she recommended in her absence. Though she had done this earlier too this time the results were beneficial to Dr Kothari. Interestingly, she fell ill and extended her holidays. Patients who were bored by her frequent holidays transferred their loyalties to him. This was only the beginning. Dr. Kothari is a busy man today as the unending flow of patients at both his clinics proves.
Similarly, a Feng Shui painting on canvas that I had painted in oil for Dr (Miss) Mahajan, who started a dental clinic at Seven Bungalows, has dramatically boosted her practice. My painting was a collage of metal (the element that rules dentists), ivory (for obvious reasons) and Madhuri Dixit (for her smile) and I placed it in her Fame and Recognition sector.
In Feng Shui, the elements are considered vital while making any moves and changes. It is so because life is a story of five elements that exist before birth and continue to exist after death. It all begins with love (Fire) that causes the union of two human beings. A will to sur­vive creates the lungs (Metal) that breathe the life in. As the foetus grows, stomach (Earth) is created to acquire the nourishment and the liver creates enzymes from vegeta­bles and fruits (Wood) to begin a system. The kidney removes waste and water products with a unique plumbing system (Water).
Each part of the body and every specialization are ruled by an element.
A harmony between the element of the trade, pro­fession and the birth element of a person is nec­essary for success in a chosen branch of a career. A career in medicines is more compatible for the people whose element of birth is Earth or Fire.
However the compatibility also depends on the branch of medicines or specializations, each ruled by a different element related to various body parts. A cardiologist, for instance, is ruled by Fire and the ruling element of a dentist is Metal. Water rules the anesthetist and Earth is the ruler of the dermatologist.
It has been observed that if the elements are compatible the candidate finds easy success, but when the element of the candidate clash with the element of his specialty the going is rough.
Which direction the doctor is facing, and where do his clients sit have a lot of importance in this art of placement. Equally important are the locations of various other tables and rooms of clinics and hospitals. The doctor should, ide­ally, sit facing his most auspicious direction. The patient should sit diagonally opposite to the doctor for cordial relationship.
The examination table should be, preferably in the Knowledge Area. The operation theatre should be in the Health Area. However, if the operation involves cosmetic or corrective surgery the ideal place is the Creative Area.
Labour room in a maternity home too should be in the Creativity Comer.
The consultation room should be in the Wealth and Good Fortune Area. However, the doctor's panel should be located in the Relationship Area.
The best possible locations for a doc­tor in a polyclinic to be successful are the Wealth and Good Fortune or the Fame and Reputation Corners. However, the placement of a cabin can be very fortunate if the doctor is located in a cabin where the door opens in his most auspicious direction. To add further to his luck, the doctor should sit in the Wealth and Fortune Area of that cabin.
Hospital address too has significance in the Chinese science of numbers and it is an important part of Feng Shui.
The numbers of an address are also important. The num­bers 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 are fortunate. Two indicates easy growth, 5 symbolizes harmony with the elements, 6 repre­sents wealth, 8 means making a pile of money, 9 is syn­onymous with long life and 10 means certain success.
The masters who see the fullness of heaven in its full shape consider the number 9 a premier number. More so because the number 9 never changes no matter how many times it is multiplied. It is just the right number for any clinic or a hospital.
744 mean 'sure to die'. A hospital should shun this number. The Chinese consider the number 8 to be the luckiest of all. Its shape is considered 'unending'. In fact, the Feng Shui of dispensaries can make or mar a doctor's business and the patient's health. 

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