Mohan Deep in the media - Time out Mumbai

Suhani Singh in
Time Out Mumbai
September 22 - October 5 2006
Fengshui is taking the city by storm (Click here for the clipping)


In Mumbai, Feng Shui (which literally means "wind and water") has spread fast, with almost every area having a local expert...Mumbal may have more than 2,000 practitioners of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese system of balancing the energy In a space that takes Into account the five cosmic elements of wood, water, metal, earth and fire... Mohan Deep is considered the number one among them all.
Experts like Mohan Deep, who has written Feng Shui for the Bold & the Beautiful, the Rich & the Famous, have also made name for himself as consultants to an array of TV and film stars and even Feng Shui Masters!
Fengshui is now applicable to every problem, from how to save your marriage to how to drive traffic to your website.
Deep, who has been practising for 12 years, says that people are drawn towards fengshui to desires such as having their careers prosper or Improving their relationships.
Publications such as the Hindustan Times and Jam-E-Jamshed publish Mohan Deep's articles, columns and tips.

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