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Kiran Yadav in
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June 2006
OFFICE PLUS - FENG SHUI (Click here for the clipping)

'The boss needs a power corner'

While I tend to focus on Feng Shui for corpbrate sector and business, I usually end up with applying Feng Shui in the interest of the businessman. The idea generally is to see the sales graph soaring high and to get the most from staff members. Here, perhaps for the first time, I am talking in the interest of both. The staff should never be placed in two rows on the two sides of a cor­ridor. This causes conflict. Moreover, the boss should sit in the power position.
I have seen it happening in the office of a Mumbai newspaper where the advertising department would clash with editorial department, and as the advertising manager sat in the 'power' position he virtually ran the paper. Ironically, the editor who sat in the creativity comer of the office was more concerned about the content than about selling the paper.
The middle level boss usually sandwiched between two forces, should avoid sitting facing two rows of the sub­ordinates as it has a very unsettling effect on the output.

It must be ensured that the surroundings of the boss support him. He should never sit on a different floor. Nor should he be close to the door. There should not be movement or a window behind him. This attracts support and loyalty from staff members. The atmosphere around him should be energetic as it is this energy that permeates to the lowest level in the office.
His office should be approachable and the way to it should be smoother, rounded to attract positive energy. There should not be too many obstacles on the path and there should be no door behind him as they are believed to cause backdoor activity. One of the most debated questions is the placement of the boss. Should it be in the power position or in the wealth corner? The decision rests with the man himself but, by consulting a competent Feng Shui expert, the boss can take advantage of both the situations. In fact, placement of different departments should be in different sectors. In the office, employees should feel secure so that they give their best to the organization.
Their work desks should be away from corridors and doorways. If employees have a monitor in front of them, ensure that they should be able to see the door.
The foremost requirement is to do away with the clutter. Not only the desk should be uncluttered, but even the files in the computer should be routinely organized.
Deleting the files that are not required is the best idea.
You can place a potted plant besides your computer. The plant will absorb all the negative energy around you and the air around you will be fresh. Avoid placing bonsai or cactus near you.
Bonsai is believed to stunt your career growth and cactus would cause bad relationships. It is also a good idea to have a waterfall as a screen­saver. This can attract wealth to the person who sits on the desk.
Do a weekly scan of your computer to remove viruses from your computer system. Delete old emails and files. Feng Shui as a discipline is vast and this ancient science of geomancy, has to do with directions, colours, elements and over 30 other factors.
Water, for instance, is the ruling element of the career comer. It would be better to place some metal in the career comer in order to enhance it. It works because metal supports water. Here, again, one can go for a paint­ing or a picture that repre­sents metal. The kind of results I have seen, believe me, are mind blowing.
Mohan Deep is a leading Feng Shui consultant  

- As told to Kiran Yadav

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