Real Estate Observer: Feng Shui method to expedite the sale of a property / Mohan Deep

Real Estate Observer - April 2009

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Builders and investors are worried as the real estate market has taken a beating after the share market tanked. Owners of flats and shops too want help in expediting the sale of their property.

The case study I am mentioning below is when I helped Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) in sale of some of their flats. This happened over 5 years ago. After hearing about the results from a relative of his, one of the top bureaucrats of the MHADA requested me to employ Feng Shui to expedite the sale of some of their flats. This was on a personal level as it is difficult to explain the expenses in an audit. Over 5 years ago, This was during the economic slowdown, when there were no takers for MHADA flats. Not being able to sell the flats, even at less than the market price, was personally embarrassing to him. MHADA has always had two parallel power centers. One is the Chairman (political), appointed/ nominated by the ruling political party and the other is the CEO and additional CEO, bureaucratic head of MHADA. One can see the parallels in the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The Mayor is appointed by the ruling party (Shiv Sena-BJP combine, currently) and the Municipal Commissioner is a bureaucrat appointed by the State Government. If the two parties are at loggerheads, as is often the case in Maharashtra, the bureaucrats feel insecure. Allegations, false or not so false, of irregularities and corruption, are hurled by the politicians, and the bureaucrats often lose sleep, suffer ulcers and face inquiries.

“Hundreds of flats built by us for the Higher Income Group (HIG), are lying unsold with us. Though the decision to build them was unanimous, I may have to carry the blame. I want you to employ Feng Shui methods so that we come out of this problem,” he requested.

I was unsure of succeeding but saw no harm in trying Feng Shui. To my surprise, it worked and MHADA found a way out of the mess. Flats were sold in bulk to government bodies like VSNL and the Income Tax Department, who converted them into staff quarters!

MHADA bureaucrat had learnt about some other cases, mostly in Mumbai, but I find the instance of AR more interesting. I quote from an earlier article:

I remember him as he called me recently, saying, “I have good news. I signed the sale deed last week. My troubles are finally over.”

For months before he consulted me, he had tried but somehow there were no takers for this beautiful place he had for sale. It was a farmhouse with a plot of land around 10 acres, on the outskirts of Pune, a drive of an hour from the city. Though he had once wanted to settle there, RA found himself in a crisis. The MNC, whose Indian chapter he was heading, found itself on the front pages of the financial papers because of some major irregularities in their US offices. He had not slept for days and seemed suicidal when we met. He deseperately wanted help for his company and himself.

Bad luck after buying the farmhouse

I visited all of Adam’s properties including his offices located in Andheri, a newly purchased apartment in Kandivali, and the farmhouse in Pune. Disaster had struck after he purchased his new house. The Wealth & Good Fortune area in this house had a protrusion, and he had
placed a beautifully crafted marble statue in the Career & Opportunities corner.

“I have been trying to sell this property in Pune. I will have enough cash flow once I sell it. I rue the day I bought it, since I have spent only a single 3-day holiday in this farmhouse and couldn’t even relax properly. At least one day was wasted in organizing water and
getting the place cleaned up and the kitchen stocked. Though there was a housekeeper, he had not bothered to even keep it clean! You know how these people are,” Adam said. “It would be better to spend a holiday in a hotel than to spend money and energy on a farmhouse, unless one can spend months there. I want to get rid of it.”

To expedite the sale

AR’s property was simply not selling. There is a secret Feng Shui method to expedite the sale of any property and I have found it to be very effective. It requires a brief, easy ritual to be performed for the premises for three weekends. I taught him the ritual.

I also shook the roots of Adam’s farmhouse (again a symbolic Feng Shui process) triggering the right areas returned to Mumbai. Two months later he sold finally the farmhouse!

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