I bought a print of “Pagoda and the Nine Dragons” and hung it on the wall Mohan suggested!

Six weeks later, I decided to put my house onthe market.  It sold to a cash buyer within seven days.  Absolutely lovely people who valued the energies in my home as well as the décor.


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"Feng Shui showed the way for us to achieve what we always desired. It was like the opening of “doors”.


"I cannot believe it. Soon after I made the changes suggested by you, the management presented me with a chauffeur driven car."
Bharat Ghellani, Executive Editor, Chitralekha*, Mumbai.
* Chitralekha is the highest selling weekly magazine in Gujarati, an Indian language. Bharat Ghellani is a senior journalist.

"This has been a dream run for me and all businesses that I have tried have turned to gold!" 

“I would like to express my thanks for changing my entire life completely with your Feng Shui miracle.

"My finances are more stable than they have been for a long time and I now have received a very profitable business opportunity which will be very benefical."


Read: The Feng Shui experiences of others

"...there was something about the photograph of Mohan Deep..."

Your positive energy pulled me towards you. I felt the same way when I met you.

We were in need of advice especially on fronts like marital harmony and career progression and Mr. Mohan Deep’s consultation did the trick.


“I thought you would not even answer me back and You would be very expensive…” – Sangeeta Nukala (nee Kishnani), USA.

“Feng Shui made a lot of difference. I felt it, believed it and that is why I am launching Mohan Deep's book.” Indian movie star Ajay Devgan, in front of dozens of TV cameras and newsmen, Mumbai

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